[Poem] [YC 123 NEWCWC] Cloaking Device

Cloaking Device

It calls, and alone I must go
My masking twinkles softly and I fade
I float off and hum something quietly
To something secret and somewhere very old
As movement slows, the sense impact hits
I am a dust particle, and nothing more

Upon my windows, I hear it clearly
Energy is rippling a solemn song dreary
But I sit in silence with sight crossing over
Soundless like the dance of a candle’s flame
While so stiff, my violin strung still, plays notes not
“Make my silence greater” whispers I

I fell for hours into that deep blue expanse
Now I lay tranquil on a plutonian shore
Perfect in my invisibility
Perfect but for a thin split in the vault of my mind
But one hair width wide, it has been spreading
Snuffing out sane thoughts in wisps of smoke

I lay in a stupor, my labouring mind is gone
To search the empty depths of nothing
But I think I might distinguish something
Is there something chasing silently?
Is there something hurrying closer to me?
Is a potency manifest that should not be?


Your submission is acknowledged, thank you!!
Deadline for the contest this year for any still interested is May 15th.

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