[YC 122 NEWCWC] General Soter's Testament

Inspired by an ancient Rovenour-era poem considered by Gallente historians to be a quintessential example of the tenets of asymmetrical warfare during the period. This modern version captures the fighting spirit of Federal Defense Union forces in the years they fought to liberate Federation systems from State Protectorate occupation, which formed the foundation for their later dominance of the warzone.

In derpfits should be all Gallente war
Let novice and smalls their foes debar
And staging citadels prove such an arm
That enemies do them no harm.
In hidden JFs keep every store
And burn the plexes them before
So, when they find the land lie waste
Needs must they pass away in haste
Harried by cunning raids at night
And threatening sounds from every height
Then, as they leave, with great array
Smite with the Mach and chase away.
This is the counsel and intent
Of Good General Soter’s Testament


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