YC122 Battle For VKI


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The Battle for Providence has raged for years. In a desperate action to break the stalemate on one of the planets in VKI the 1st Battalion Capsuleer Spaceborne conduct a drop. However, it all goes awry and the adventure starts there.
There is more than just soldiers on the ground. The evil Recking Crew forces in an attempt to stop the Provi Capsuleers send their own Capsuleer soldiers. The fights that follow will test ethics, honor, and what it means to be a Paladin Warden. As well as good comedy and humor on the dark battlefield of New Eden

29k words and 51 pages. I had to cut a lot I felt in the end to fit the max of 30k words. There is so much more the story could go with character development and story. I could probably easily write another 30k just on the final battle itself.
I hope you enjoy this book as it is dedicated to all the residents in Provi which make the region so special.

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