How is live in Providence region for an unknow pilot

“the following is the testimony of a companion”

hello, i hear their a region in New Eden where unknow pilot can go and mining, hunting npc or even hunt other hostils pilots.

so i taken my stuff in my iteron and moved to Dital system, the door of this welcome region !

after speacking to the diplomate on the channel CVA-DIPLO, i was confirmed i m ‘not kos’ pilot and i m welcome to do what i wan in their region nullsec.

So i moved my iteron to the system DNR and landed in a citadel open to unknow pilots :slight_smile:

I buyed a barge in the fortizar in 9UY open to unknow pilot also, and i started to mining in DNR anomaly…

After 2 peace day, i was agressed by a pirats with vagabond ship. i called help and i see many good pilots come to help me and saved my barge !

I speacking with them i say :slight_smile:

  • hey why you saved me ? you dont know me !

they say me:
We fight for unknow pilots are welcome and protected in our region, that our goal.

Now i m in the region of Providence since one year and i joined a blue alliance of Provi block. And i participate to help unknow pilots agressed in the region. It is very cool job!

You re an unknow pilot ? you need to know the ressource of Providence region is open to you if you re not hostil first with the resident here.

welcome to you unknow capsuler !

remember flying in nullsec is allway dangerous, many pirats roam around. Better to join a blue alliance to get intel channel and friends there.

note: If you re KOS (kill on sight) for the region of Providence because you agressed us or joined a KOS entity, you can allways speack to our diplo kos-admin if you repent to be welcome and NOT KOS :slight_smile:


We do our best to create a welcoming environment for those that respect our values, pass along my regards.


…As an RC member… are we the baddies?


That’s a cute way of trying to get pilots interested in a region you’re losing, attempting to get nuets to come raise ADMs for you, but true pilots know it’s a suicide mission. Every system is cloaky camped and being NBSI campers, the nuets you’re attempting to call for help will be burned just as your own members are, hence why your reaching for help. That nuet barge gets caught, you cant save them as your whole fleets are getting hazed, so trying to say you can give support is silly,
Any non believers, the info is just a zkillboard search away, dont be tricked into thinking Providence is a healthy place to seek refuge.

We have ‘neutrals’ in our space in Providence all the time, mining, ratting, doing PI, whatever. It’s not risk free, but generally they have little trouble, make ISK, and have friendly relations with the residents. Some eventually elect to join a blue group, some work towards ‘light blue’ standings for access to intel channels and other things, some happily stay ‘neutral’. We have folks happy to help neutrals get started and be productive, and we have a generally friendly, mature group of folks to interact with.

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Well brother sorry to say your a baddy. Don’t let that get you down. At least in RL I will still buy you a beer.

If it is true what you are saying, then you are doing a very bad job


Sorry to say but that is the values of this region. As I spoke in Vegas we are wiling to fight and die for a complete stranger that owes us nothing. They can rat, mine, and live anywhere and not pay rents and fees.

It is an ideology and its worth fighting for. NRDS. The lore behind the Empire, Empress, official titles given to us by the Empress. Plus the history of us fighting and bleeding for our region going back 15 years. Wars wax and wane. Battles won and lost. There is only one thing that is guaranteed. Providence has endured.
Your trash talk is unbecoming of a pilot. However, I expect nothing less from RC.

As a once resident of K1y and a defender of the pocket I can say that my time there has both good and bad memories. Yes Neuts are welcomed to the NRDS systems but as with everything else in EVE it comes with a price.

Nprovi being free space has a lot of enemies. People that come in to do nothing more than troll or bring “content” to the carebears. If you are a neut and thinking about going to play in null Provi is a good place to start. Find a good corp there and join. Get involved in fleets and always have your head on a swivel. You need to be smarter than the campers don’t feed them KMs. Skill for the pvp fleet comps and ask questions. CVA for the most part are a good group of ppl that will always help others learn.

Fly safe and long live the NRDS dream.

Good to see another pilot benefit from from the hospitality that we pride ourselves on in Providence.

Providence / CVA
You reap what you sow, you started this war, you wanted some, don’t go around crying about a war you’re loosing.
Don’t fight a war you can’t win.
Surrender, be like Agent Kh… excuse me, France, Surrender.
This war effort is gaining momentum and you guys thought you were holding down the fort, apparently not.
So don’t go around acting like victims, this is the result of Provi-Blocs arrogance over many years.

Prepare to surrender.

provi gone mad ye, lose ur marbles ye, gone foolish ye, gone bonkers ye?

I know he hasn’t been in CVA for a couple of years now, but do you guys have any Jin’taan corpses around? My collection is at 2 right now and I’m looking to get it up to 10.

Amarr victor.

We all know you’re a VET and speak at fan fest, get off your high horse, clearly no one gives a damn about your furry roleplaying speeches about amarr baloney quite frankly.

You specifically turn on RekkingCrew with all your crying and complaining.
The more you throw, the more satisfying it becomes.



With respect we are defending ourselves from an invasion that happened over 2 years and 6 months ago. It could be argued Provi and groups in RC have been fighting much longer than that. Please if you need some history lessons ask Meiqur, Spartan380, Aeros Ranger, even William of TRC. They are RC and can at least teach you about the history of the conflict.

In every conflict there is waxes and wanes in the tide of war. Some battles you win and some you lose. Id rather be gracious in defeat and humble in victory.

Have a blessed day.

You sir DO NOT mention that CVA was cloaky camping RC space at the beginning, go read your history books sir.

bruh when is your next chili pepper challenge?

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And for the record, i’m from the Teshkat pocket that had nothing to do with CVA.
You guys started attacking us 2 years ago, and didnt even know who you people we’re, so piss off.
Clearly you’re manipulating information.
The low sec counter attack is the result of CVA hammering quiet domain low sec pockets.
Like i said, you reap what you sow.