The Great War of Y120

As everyone knows Pandemic Legion is invading Provi-Block with the intent on keeping Provi-Block for itself in order to rent out territory to Renters.

Why rent from Pandemic Legion when you mine and rat for free as a Neutral?

The only way to accomplish this is too launch a direct assault on Pandemic Legion itself.


The first stage of the invasion would involve Black Rise, Lonetrek, The Citadel and The Forge reinforcing their border systems with PanFam with PvPer’s, PvEer’s, Explorers and Miners.

Once reinforced the following Long Jump Gates would be take from Pandemic and held.

The yellow indicates gates to be attacked and in what order.

The red indicates systems that will be cut off from using the gates.

It’s…YC120, isn’t it?

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Also, typically the date is just written normally :

Short Form : 19/01/115

Long Form : Saturday, January 19th, YC115

The ares circled in white are considered secure assets to allow High Sector pilots into the Tribute region without fear of being attacked where they can mine, rat and pve.
The grayed in area is considered staging space for fleets from High Sector to build up at through mining and other actives.

With Phases 1 and 2 complete you can seen the regions where Neutral will be able to conduct their trades without having to pay a renters fee which is shaded in Pink.

The final over all objective is highlighted in Pink which will allow High Sector Capsuleers to Rent Free Space and the long jumps to escape into if needed.

Once all regions have been secured Capsuleers from Black Rise, Lonetrek and The Forge will invade Lower Tribute securing the systems between Phase 1 and Phase 2.

The Citadel will provide a blocking element along the Southern Frontier of Lower Tribute to protect against incursions from Lower Tribute into the advancing systems where Pandemic Legion would use Low Sector and Null Sector PvP Pilots to blockade the steady flow of Rookies and new corporations looking to make way into Pandemic Legion space.

A massive push of Southern High Sector and Southern Null Sector Alliances would then punch through into Tribute freeing Tribute once and for all.

What is a of major concern with the invasion of Providence by Pandemic Legion is that most are thinking that PL is going to simply pack up and leave. Because according to PL, Providence is a crap hole region that no one wants.

They are there for than just content. They are there to invade Amarr and the Ammatar Mandate Through Dital and Gamis respectively.

These two points into Providence are currently being held by PL and associates who use warp bubbles, mobile warp bubble depots and gate camps to keep High Sector Neutrals from entering into Providence territory to mine, rat and explore freely, as long as you don’t attack Providence corporation members.

With Pandemic Legion’s assets in High Sector constantly war decing any and all corporations for any reason it is clear that High Sector is also threatened by the aggressive nature of Pandemic Legion as they employ mercenaries to do their business in High Sector.

Separating Tribute from Pandemic Legion will in the councils eyes. alleviate the constant war decs being placed on High Sector corporations and will allow Rookies and Veterans alike the change to enjoy Null Sector how it should be.


Yes, the title is confusing since we go by the Eve year, which is now YC120.

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This came straight from a Dev.

So the year is actually Friday, February 23rd, YC118.

Or 23/02/118

The fact that Pandemic Legion are Bot Aspirants because they do not actually do any work themselves to earn their ISK but skim from their Renters should be more than enough reason to want to invade Lower Tribute to make Pandemic Legion the new pets of New Eden.

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Last year was YC119. This year is YC120. When EVE was released in 2003 the in-game year was YC105. This is why I’m confused by your claim more than anything else.

But I wish people would discuss your war plans and not the EVE in-universe calendar system.

If more people discussed this war then more people would be drawn to it and would realize that Pandemic Legion is pushing on Providence in order to be closer to Goonswarm.

You have to remember the failure of Pandemic Legion where they lost nearly $135,000 in Titan assets that they are looking to recoup at the expense of others, foremost their Renters and secondly Providence and in the future Goonswarm.

PL is pushing because it lost a lot of ISK because of the failure of their brilliant station managers in not paying a station bill.

Now they look to make everyone pay their mistake in Null, Low and High Sector by any means that they can.

What Capsuleers in High Sector don’t understand is that even though they are in High Sector the wars against them and the ganks as well that take place are part of Pandemic Legions goal of recuperating their losses because they have a severe case of Butt-Hurt-Itis that will continue to sting them like a Gooner Bee for many, many years to come.

They therefore have to strike fear and strike hard everywhere they can in order to try and match how they have been Butt-Hurt.


Are you sure it’s not YC120?

really cool idea i like it! where can i sign up?


You have my axe!


Can I be an FC during this operation?

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From 1 to 10 how viable do you think this is?

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Ill run this campaign for you. Ill need a bunch of funds tho.


I hate paying tax to PL!