The Great War of Y120

This looks promising. I already have some STRATEGIC ASSETS located in the zone. PM me and lets talk business

what the everloving christ

It depends really on how well Low Sector and High Sector believe that Pandemic Legion is a making probably one of the biggest gank moves in Null ever seen in the history of New Eden.

Like I said they lost over $135,000 in the Bill Blunder and even more to Goonswarm.

They have an image and status to maintain in Eve Online as being the top alliance. That means wrecking as much space as possible around Goonswarm, even High and Low sector to create staging points into Goonswarm space.

I never thought Providence would be invaded. But when SNIGGERLY dropped a Citadel in one of the Provi systems I knew it would be a matter of time before they invade Providence.

If any Pandemic Legion allies are dropping citadels in your area they are coming for the stations that will be converted into faction citadels at a later date.

I really don’t think now is the time to think to yourself “Will Pandemic Legion invade my null space?”

If you have a station that can be converted into a faction citadel you can be guaranteed the PL is looking your way. It’s how they make their 1 trillion ISK a month along with their Pet Renters of course.

Please don’t use profanity in this forum.

if they are making that much isk per month havent they made up the sum from 4 years ago? Also didnt PL alongside the rest of eve evict goonswarm from the north as a part of their “revenge”?

If they did then PL wouldn’t be making a move on Goonswarm by invading Providence.

isnt providence too far away from delve? why not invade fountain for example that has npc stations or aridia that both communicate with delve directly

Not if you believe in our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.
He will lend us strength to withstand this harsh assault, give us light in our darkest time.

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By PL invading Providence they would be able to stir up the other alliances along the border of the fight to either join Providence or no get involved.

If alliances like Test Alliance Please Ignore, Brave Newbies, etc. came to help Providence there would be a lot of anxiety in the fleets over the Frenemies suddenly attacking each other during a fight with PL. The Frenemt Fleets would fall apart allowing PL to roll through the region taking I- Hubs and TCU’s while the Frenemy Fleets fought each other and Pandemic Legion.

If the Frenemy Alliances such as Brave Newbies do help Providence then PL will use Providence as staging systems to launch their attacks into their Sov as well that will eventually divide the alliances in the Southeastern portion of the map that will leave Goonswarm flanked on either side by Pandemic Legion and their Pet Renters.

It’s 100% YC120. How can we trust you to lead this complex invasion if you can’t even get the date correct? I ask the council to convene and remove you as leader of this invasion. In your place I nominate Wrik Hoover.


not that the rest do, but this makes no sense whatsoever xD

Are you a Nub?

Your attempts at Counter-Intelligence using a Sniggtoon, of whom is helping PL, is abysmal to say the least.

Perhaps you should try the Jovian Clone Revenerator. It is a cylinder full of mirrors that when spun projects the different personalities of your clones into a single Clone.

■■■■ i’ve been discovered


Wait when did Snigg start helping PL? I thought they were goon pets

Perhaps you should try the Jovian Clone Revenerator. It is a cylinder full of mirrors that when spun projects the different personalities of your clones into a single Clone.

I think you’re mistaken we’re a radical offshoot of the GotG special forces alliance “blades of grass”.

Almost time for spring and that first cutting isn’t it?

Can I have whatever you smoked.

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I mean B-R happened 4 years ago.

Also, have you already contacted the members of highsec and lowsec alliances around Tribute with your plan? Not everyone is reading these forums.

this truly is a :blessed: post. We should all learn from OP and post like this more often.