Pandemic Legion's Ploy in Providence - Renters Beware

Being a Neutral in Provi-Block for a year or so I can why see Pandemic Legion is so interested in the region.

PL would try to kick CVA out of Providence and establish Renters zones in the captured area. The Renters being rookie High Sector Capsuleers would undoubtedly enjoy the access to Null space with access points from Amarr and Amatar Mandate space.

The potential to make hundreds of millions if not billions in ISK as a Renter is there. But what the Renters don’t realize is that Pandemic Legion, in order to fuel their man pocket desires, would enlist new rookie PvP Pilot along with using their own Elite PvP alts to attack their own Renters in Providence so as to generate the necessary ISK sink that PL needs to fuel its wars.

So who the Renters of PL might think as being hostile gangs of pirates roaming through Providence would actually be Pandemic Legion pilots providing PvP content for themselves along with making ISK from their rental fees along with making ISK from the ships and modules that they would sell to their Renters.

Beware Pandemic Legion Renters, that gang of roaming pirates is most likely an Alt Pandemic Fleet that so snuggly kept you safe from the horrors of Sansha’s Nation.

Citation needed.


High Security
High Security
High Security
High Security
High Security
High Security
High Security

It is called High Security dammit.


Having started my nulsec life in provi and currently being in test i can tell you this

PL will not rent provi. The place is a death trap to any renting ratters. TEST lives to roam and blops. Provi is a damn cockroach that just wont die.

The only reason PL is there is to farm PVP kills.


The goal of Pandemic Legion, just not in Providence but across all of New Eden.

Renter and Mining Permits

The idea of Renter’s space first came to fruition because of the CODE alliance ganking in High Sec and forcing miners to buy their Mining Permits. As the success of their campaign brought havoc to High Sec, Null sec alliances soon saw the advantage of a Renter’s Permit. A permit that would be purchased monthly that would allow Neutrals to Pandemic Legion access to their Sov to seemingly make themselves rich beyond the dreams of Avarice.

But like all scams the goal of the Rental Permits is meant to feed the machine of Pandemic Legion by keeping their Renter’s just on the edge of making it big but suddenly find out that they have to pay for another barge or implants that they purchase from Pandemic Legion.

More and more of New Eden is going to fall to Mining Permits and Rental Permits in High Sector if Pandemic Legion is able to knock out the last remaining and truly Free Space in New Eden where any pilot, as long as you are NRDS, is able to go and enjoy all that Null space has to offer.

Soon Merc corporations in High Sector will be paid by Pandemic Legion to enforce their Rental Permits alongside of CODE’s Mining Permits through war decs and ganking.

The war in Providence is not just about Providence. It is a war that is testing the very fiber of New Eden in remaining free from alliances who would use destruction to ensure that they conquered as much territory as possible. Territories that once used to be free but now have Mobile Depots asking to see your Rental and Mining Permits at the closest station lest you find yourself in a new clone.

Seems like goon propaganda to me

I believe PL is after the stations. From my understanding, when stations finally go away and are replaced with Citadels, two things happen…

The station is replaced by a citadel with special rigs. I think those rigs may be removable once. This gives PL (and any one else capable of claiming a spot in provi or elsewhere) a financial incentive. You get a free citadel plus nice rigs which is a plus and I believe Provi is station heavy.

Plus you get a nice memorial in space showing your corp as the last owner.

So this has nothing to do with renters. It’s a power grab for a future citadel asset.

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You are right, It’s about the stations, the gold rush is beginning. As Providence is by far the most station rich region it is easy to take and hold many stations in close proximity for maximum INCOME. The once changes set in the citadels will likely not be seeded again. Supply and demand dictates that these faction citadels will be worth incredible amounts of isk due to zero supply. The coming station rush offers large entities a very unique opportunity to gain trillions of isk doing something relatively easy and something that they are extremely well practiced in. It also offers the opportunity for large entities to effectively ‘take’ something of value from others in the form of these assets. This is something that we haven’t had the ability to do before, ever. Other than corporate theft, military force has not been able to be used to take a transferable asset before. These changes offer a completely new type of ‘asset liberation’. On a scale that is frankly vast.


So that means any and all such station in Null are being targeted by the larger alliances to feed their selfish greed?

Well, yes and no. In Providence’s case you have a large number of stations in a very small area of space. This makes it one of the easiest regions to claim stations in, especially for a capital heavy group like PL. They can easily travel around Prob I with out dealing with too much jump fatigue.

On the other hand, stations spread out sparsely over a large area are in less danger. It would take more effort for less gain. And remember, you have to hold these stations on the day of the transfer. If PL or say Goons swept through, took stations, and just kept moving, the stations could be retaken. So more likely, they will have to hold what they claim. This is a limiting factor.

As for the emotional claim in your statement, isn’t that what all groups do? Feed off the lesser in the hopes of becoming the bigger fish? So it doesn’t change anything really. The strong prey on The weak as always.

No, it’s called highsex, like lowsex or nullsex. :wink:

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Now I remember you… your that TinFoil hat person that post things without facts… as if they are facts.

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He famously invented the scissor technique against gankers and was the inventor of the plan to build a “High Sector” jump bridge network to circumvent Uedama (can’t find the link at the moment). :joy:

And now he constantly posts about PL because the kick his behind in Provi while still mixing in some CODE. for whatever reason. It probably makes sense in his mind.

If they follow through with their current plan, the station owner would have to either maintain the new citadel in its current location or unanchor it as normal and sacrifice the faction citadel rig that would come pre-installed.


They - if i read that right, will still retain a special bonus even when they loose a rig. Basically it looks like the rape of the highest volume of outposts in the game. If they stay i think the recently coined term Provietnam will be very real indeed. The role playing aspect of CVA should not be underestimated, nor the idea of the uniqueness of what Providence has traditionally represented - and CVA wont go away. Course opinions are a dime a dozen… :wink:

Yeah but here’s the thing, all PL has to do is unanchor the faction Citadels and move them wherever. Bonus for them and Provi can re build and go back to normal in a year or so. It really is just about those stations and the transition.

With regard to Providence the question you need to ask is “How much was Jin’taan paid to feed fleets to PL and will Test allow him to do the same”?

With regard to PL the question is “Why doesn’t CCP take action against the rental empire run by the PL leadership, even as certain elements go so far as to recommend/affiliate-link botting software”?

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You have to be paid to defend your space even if the odds are against you?

Do you have proof of the latter statement? As for the first part, why would CCP do anything? If it is a legit rental empire, that is just part of the sandbox.

PL is still roaming in CVA territory and destroying ships (source zkillboard).
Seems like CVA is unable to respond to this aggression, and thus pushing renters towards PL.