Is Pandemic Legion NRDS?

Does anyone know if Pandemic Legion follows NRDS in Provi? I could have sworn they did years ago (just getting back to the game after a long hiatus) and that doubt and the moment of hesitation was all it took to get caught at a gate camp.

Not bitching/whining/crying…just want to make sure I mark them properly if they’re not NRDS so I’m ready next time. :smiley:

Isn’t it CVA in Provi with the NRDS rule? Did you get caught in a PL gate camp? They shoot all non-blues I thought.

Yeah…CVA and a few others are definitely NRDS…and I thought PL used to be also.

Yeah…PL gate camp…If I would have burned out of the bubble and warped away from the gate I would have made it, but I hesitated…and then when I was out of the bubble I accidentally picked a warp point that put me back in the bubble. Sooo…yeah…like I said, a little rusty after my long hiatus. :rofl:

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