Providence Rentals by Pandemic Legion

Are you ready to print isk?
Build the largest ships with mining fleets?
A single system for a small group or a constellation for an industrial powerhouse?
Safely tucked away in a safe region?
Under the umbrella of one of the largest and the most prestigious alliances?

Pandemic Rentals is proud to announce the region of Providence is available for renting!

How Do I Rent in Providence?

Join the Channel:
Read MOTD and open the google document

How much does a system cost?

We have a spreadsheet that can be shared via PM or in MOTD of our channel. Renting terms can be negotiable based off the base cost, depending on the situation. There is extra costs if you wish to include the moons in the system and ice belts. Additional upgrades for the system can be requested and added within 48 hours.

Mr Panzer (-10.0)
Opec (-10.0)
Exteran (Manager)
Cristo Redentor (Manager/JF)

The list of officials above are the only authorized members responsible for Providence Region and are guaranteed secure! Either PM us or Mail us and we will respond quickly!

  • Package Delivery Services though PANFAM JF services.
  • Close to Trade hubs such like Amarr and Jita.
  • A Community Stretching Over Providence, a historical region.
  • Upgrade Installations
  • Agreements with sub-renting
  • PANFAM Citadel access in selected regions and systems.
  • Intel Channel covering Providence and nearby regions.

Join chat channel: , for more details.


Want to become meat shields for the ex edge lord pvpers of new Eden? Want to pretend the region won’t be retaken in a month? Want to align with the next alliance to be curb stomped by new Eden?

Then join the PL rental scrubs today!

10/10 autism, can’t wait to see this ■■■■ burn!

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salty much.

Overload Everything will be renting a system in Provi. This was a very good service. It’ll take awhile to rebuild this old alliance, but I believe in us.

By safe space do you mean being dropped on daily, being content for Spectre Fleet and Bomber’s Bar, and being camped by PHEW, ARTON, and a few other groups known to camp the area constantly?

Wait… you’re talking about… Providence?

“Are you ready to print isk?” … in the absolute worst space in terms of truesec… with the worst moons? How exactly is this isk-printing going to happen?

“Safely tucked away in a safe region?” - Say what? Providence is one of the easiest places in the game to drop on. It’s got multiple empire connections and has lots of people who are near by who like to fight. It is likely to remain as the least friendly spot in null-sec.

“Under the umbrella of one of the largest and the most prestigious alliances?” - Unless PL is moving permanently to the south… there’s no umbrella. You’re living right next to Test… and their super fleet… while the PL super fleet is in the north. If you want to live in PL’s protection… you can’t do that in Providence.

I mean… if you want constant annoying drops and harassment… Providence is an awesome place to live. Fights come to you. But why on earth would you pay someone anything for that? I don’t get it.

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I hope the renters are ready for the daily Spectre roams through, the constant hostiles coming to look for content. Even when Providence was -free- for anyone who stuck to the rules it was too much for many to deal with just how many hostile fleets would come through daily.

I can’t imagine anyone actually paying for that experience.

What mentally ill corp or Alliance would rent from PL in Providence? Do you know how many pissed off Provi-Bloc members were just chomping at the bit to burn down industrial/mining ships of any who would dare defile their space with their putrid presence?
This region gets dropped all the time and its the ever lasting fountain of content for many different groups to come to PVP. So not only do you have to deal with the Defenders of Providence that excel in small gang pvp and hit and run assaults you get to deal with the rest of Eve online community that uses Providence as content for PVP. While the region is not as rich as other places.
PL expansion in Providence has stalled. They have overextended themselves while their coalition is being beaten back system after system in the North. PL is doing a publicity stunt for extra isk and taking coverage off their dismal losses in the north. I promise you would be renters one thing. I will hunt you in game. I will destroy every renter and PL lackey in Providence until my home free once again from your filth.
Amarr Victor, Ave Providence.
Very Respectfully,
Kyle Saltz


Renting providence is an excellent idea. Those evicted provi dudes can’t wait to start their bombing runs on any bold entity that would spend their money on the project :slight_smile: And if they’re not up to the task, there are always the usual perma roaming entities that came daily, even pre-invasion. Quite a treat i tell you.

I could provide a list of the best moons if you’re interested. Spare you brave souls time so you can deploy your refineries asap. hahahaha

On a sidenote… That thread dwarfs even the best Jita scammers’ ideas. Made my day :smiley:

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