Adversity Corp Looking for System Rent And Joining its Ally

Adversity Corporation looking for 2 systems to rent in nullsec in a good and Active Ally.

Please hit me up here or with a message in game. Online time To chat: from 6.00pm EVE Time

Channel Available: “My Adversity Solved” too if who decide is online, he’s everytime on that channel :slight_smile:


If you are able to follow NRDS, Providence is looking for some good members – not renters, but owners.

If interested, please read and stop by our diplo channel.

I think I would really like to join Care Factor. They are elites.

Msg me in gam3

No thanks :slight_smile: we’re not interested ATM :slight_smile:

yes, with a Killboard where last kill is in august :slight_smile: it’s ok but NO thanks.

we’ve found the system. Tks to all.

Hey mike,

We are currently building up our sov Holdings and will therefore be looking for Renters in the near future too. Would you mind having a conversation to evaluate further details and answer some questions?

Kind regards

no Thanks :slight_smile:

Hit me up in game if you’d like to live in some prime space with full indy support, and ice, without rent.

We have about 20 people and are ready to find a good lease.
Can you introduce your plan? thank you!

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