In search of Null Rental

Greeting Capsuleers,

The Doomed Trade Alliance are in search of anyone doing Null-Sec system rentals. We would like to rent a system within Sov space and would be keen to here from diplos or representatives that could help us achieve what we are looking for. We are familiar with some of the more common methods and arrangements when it comes to system rental, but there are some specifics we are looking for which I though I’d post them first.

  1. We are only interested in systems which allow us to anchor our own structures. Placing industrial structures for moons, manufacturing and refining is at the core of what our purpose in game is.
  2. We will need a fortizar in our system. We are happy to place this but appreciate the renting organisation would likely rather anchor and own this. Either way is fine by us, but we do have Faxs and capital ships we would like to have in system.
  3. We would only consider renting a system that we have full rights to all moons, belts, anomalies. No additional taxes for ore or restriction on moons in the system.
  4. We would ideally like to own the customs office and would purchase the existing structures rather than anchoring new.
  5. if the system has an ansiblex gate, we will happily provide the fuel for said gate as a thank you for the convenience. Assuming the gate would remain under the ownership of the organisation renting the system.
  6. We would only rent from an organisation that doesn’t require that our corporations join a renters alliance or require that we disband our alliance. We appreciate that for some this is uncommon, but would be happy to pay an increased rental rate to compensate for the abnormality. We would also be happy for the renters to place a member or corp in the alliance to check on access rights and comms as they see fit for security purposes.
  7. finally but not essentially, it would be good to be amongst a system with active allied corps in the EUTZ

We appreciate that some of the items above me be inside or outside of the usual for some renters, but we are willing and ready to pay a reasonable increased rate as a result.

It would be great to here from any of the renters out there either here or in game via mail to Noobs Fett

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