Questions about the current mega war and stuff about Jita

I’ve heard about the Fury at FWST-8, heard names like PAPI, imperium and Goonswarm. however I have no idea who’s fighting who and what exactly are they fighting for. plz tell me about it.

also I am planning to write a research essay about Jita 4-4, how it started, history about it and how it transformed into the biggest trade hub in New Eden. if u got something helpful plz link the source so I can do MLA8 on it. thx :pray:

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Its space pixels.

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Anyone I have asked has used the words “brotherhood” and “community” within the first sentence, so I immeadiately stopped listening


I’m sure a lot more can be told about this war, but I’ll try to give a short explanation of the names you mentioned.

There are 3 large null blocks: Panfam, Legacy (of which TAPI the largest alliance) and Imperium (of which Goonswarm the largest alliance). Imperium and Legacy had a NIP (non invasion pact) until before last summer.

Legacy declared they wanted to stop the NIP, which meant a war could start between Legacy and Imperium, and this started the war. Legacy (TAPI) and Panfam banded together against Imperium and this group is called PAPI.

PAPI is fighting to get Imperium out of Goonswarms home region Delve. One of the battles in that war was large enough to break a few records of most players participating in battle or something like that, and happened in FWST-8.


They are fighting to keep up the appearance that they’re not PVE bots and that Null is actually dangerous and relevant.

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My own take on it was that membership in the big Null alliances was getting bored and started to find other things to do with their time than pay subs to CCP and farm Null for profit. So the alliances concocted a war to keep their peasants from revolting. It’s an old story.

As for the Jita research, presumably if you can write a research paper you can use Google. so anything you need is there. Here’s a start:,The%20rest%20is%20history.

With any luck, phrases like “if u got something helpful plz link” won’t appear in the finished product.

ohh thanks for the old thread, those old forum stuff rarely shows up on google now.

btw how do you even “farm” null sec? is it just ratting and running missions in player owned null?

Nullsec systems can be upgraded so they reveal more combat and ore anomalies. “Farming” means reaping the rewards of those upgrades by ratting and mining. There are no missions in Sov nullsec, apart from player-made contracts. NPC nullsec does have missions, but cannot be upgraded.

maybe it’s about this?

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To really go get a feel on this…you are going to have to way back…like Goons/Redswarm vs BoB history…

Seriously if anyone really looks at the true lines drawn…and the players on each and where they come from…

Everyone except for the most part the Dinos’…is Goons one side and old BoB leadership on the other…and it has been that way since BoB was cancelled out by a director.

Goonswarm…Imperium…the BoB remnants have been trying to kill them and kick them from the game since time memorial.

From Manic Velocity
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