TTT proving the war is fake

If anyone’s still deluded enough to think that Goons and PAPI actually do hate each other, that Vily actually is worried that Goons and Horde would have taken Legacy out had he not started this war, that Mittens is actually super mad that his coalition is losing etc., then the destruction of a neutral Azbel in Perimeter yesterday by members of all three coalitions should put any such idea to rest. There’s no stakes behind WWB2. Goons aren’t going away when they lose Delve, they’ll probably go evict Volta or something and go back to living in VFK when the war is over. There’s no actual stakes in this war, Vily just started it because he was bored, which should tell you something about how fat and stagnant null has become.

This war wasn’t intended to crack the blue donut if anyone had that thought in mind either. If anything, it’ll just make it stronger. Nothing will actually change in null as a result of this war. Accruing ISK will always be a superior option to meaningless fights, and it still is despite all the “fighting” that’s been happening. The cogs and gears in Oasa and Branch have never been spinning faster than they have as of late. Yes, that’s an implication and no, Mango and Sylvanas etc. don’t do it nearly as much as they do.

I guess I just find it weird that people are so invested in this conflict. There’s no real stakes behind it. Nothing will change as a result of it. It’s just sad to see all the line members getting fooled in to thinking that this is a significant moment in Eve’s history, when it really isn’t. TTT proves that as much. It’s not like highsec or lowsec can do anything about it either. They just exist to be paypigs for the blue donut. Everyone just plays to accrue ISK and nothing else. It’s pretty sad.

Of course, CCP could take some steps to alleviate this by disabling markets in hisec player structures, but they’ll never do that. Change is too hard. “Age of Chaos” but woah hey not that chaotic! We can’t risk pissing off the people that farm sanctums all day in the most risk-averse form of PvE in the entire game! Everyone else though? Might as well unsub so they can make room for the nullbloc rorqs and orcas to huff all that nocx and trit.

No real other point to this thread besides pointing out and fostering a discussion on how sad it is that people are getting so in to this conflict.


:man_facepalming: no comment… you know where Volta living?

50k Players (goons) vs 150k…who is blue donut here? If goons are goone its 100% blue donut then.

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Yeah dude they’re totally in a serious conflict and actually hate each other.

The blue donut already exists. Had Vily not gotten bored, everyone would still be krabbing. Most of null still is krabbing, in fact.

Also Volta is holding sov in VFK at this very moment, unless you have a different definition of “living space”.

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War attention thread detected.

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Oh nobody hates each other.

Hate is a strong word reserved for those that take the game to serious.

I would almost say Null vs Highsec politics are two completely separate items and should not be used to compare or to be used in context of each other. TTT integrity must be maintained as both benefit.

Null Politics is separate… I could be flying with somebody that helped me whelp a structure a now and the minute we hit space where they are a free target… why hello there. NPSI right?


Where do you get 150k characters from who are against CFC? Even if there were 150k characters against Goons, it would be quite a sad thing all things considered. If you literally need to rally the entire rest of the cluster to destroy one coalition out of their space because CCP has created a setting that makes it impossible otherwise, something is seriously wrong with the game.

You say “Idiots everywhere”. Have you had a look in the mirror this fine morning?

Even if the war was real …
… people wouldn’t hate each other.

This is a game.
Find some friends.
It’ll do you good.

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You do understand that null groups will fight with each other when it suits their interest, and against each other when it doesn’t, right? In fact, relations can not only shift over time, but can literally vary from battle to battle. For example, you might fight against someone in the first fleet of the day, and then get told not to shoot them in the very next fleet because you’re on the same side for that particular battle.

Not to be a dick, but you don’t know what you’re talking about, and are jumping to conclusions.

I think this poster is just trying to make a “fun” topic.

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wow, bored people like to do fun things to stop being bored but they don’t actively destroy their entire livelihoods about it. what a shocker. is this the first time you’ve seen groups in nullsec fighting because they got bored?

Mitens and Fountain Frank will bravely defend delve, defeat all enemies and goons will start a new golden age
bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :honeybee:

I guess I shouldn’t have expected the replies to be anything else.

Nah, it’s cool, you see. It’s great to be a paypig for the nullblocs, who make infinitely more ISK in a single day than highsec or lowsec dwellers could make in an entire month. It’s great that everyone’s krabbing, and it’s great that half the people in null that are krabbing are made out of code instead of actual flesh and blood. This war has zero stakes behind it but wow look at how good TAPI is doing right?

What a fool I am for even suggesting that the status quo be upset. Back to farming for ISK and doing absolutely nothing with it, because the only point of this game is to gain ISK and nothing else!

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The problem is that, in order to upset the null blocs, you need so much wealth that you need to be a null bloc yourself. Once you spend three years getting fat like a cow, it is hard to remember that you were going to “burn nullsec”.

Only people dumb enough to believe that any two Football or Hockey teams hate each other would think two EVE corps do. The morons too rabid to remember it’s a game we’re all playing.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

What you’re doing is called whining and complaining. You want other people to change up the status quo, and then insulting everyone else for being invested into some fun content that hasn’t been seen in EVE for a while.

Actually put in some elbow grease and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Sure, let me just go wrangle a bunch of highsec players together to take on the entirety of the blue donut. I’m sure that we’ll win, and that it won’t be a fruitless venture that results in me pissing away everything I threw in to it. Or better yet, let me singlehandedly do this without any help, because that’s reasonable.

If they’re having fun with it, that’s normal. Sure, it’s as meaningless as killing a heron with a cloaky recon ship, but it is still fun to them. It’s just pointless, and I think it’s ridiculous that people get so invested in to it when there’s nothing at stake. I also think it’s ridiculous that everyone else is so willing to bend over to the nullblocs by using the TTT.

And yes, it is so, because the nullblocs won’t let any player market that isn’t controlled by them be successful anywhere. There’s no freedom as an independent player. You basically just exist to serve the upper echelons of the blue donut, and there’s no way you can upset that power. If you try, you lose. I’m well aware that it can’t change, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to dislike the current state of affairs.

This type of tinfoil hat ■■■■ posting is normally reserved for Reddit.

Apparently there’s something Goons Vs Everyone hates more than Everyone Vs Goons.

I’m not sure the big bloc collusion at TTT is tinfoil.

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Sounds just like real life.

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Real life doesn’t have devs that can easily change harmful mechanics in life. I think in most cases complaining to the devs is a last resort when it’s completely unreasonable to expect players to do anything about a certain situation, which this is the case. It’s simple, just remove the ability for highsec citadels to be markets.

I legitimately think that introducing the Upwell structures was one of the worst changes CCP have ever made to the game. It’d be better if they just never existed.