CCP's invisible hand!

Ok guys. Here’s the point…

CCP started the great war between Goons and TEST.
Not much matter how and who was involved.

Just imagine. 2 supreme powerblocks. Each with it’s own paradise full of resources for every thing they need. There is no ANY reason to fight. Not. A. Single. Reason.
First i thougfht it was a joke war to show off but now puzzle is finished!
They just were dragged in to it to sink as much stuff as possible before industrial changes!!!

When did war goes hot? Half year ago?

Even if we try to imagine that war was a reason and lead us to changes - such changes cant been R&D’d in ~6 month!
It’s just impossible. Too much things need to revised. Too much calculations need to be done.
It’s non less than a year. And i think they planned it 2-1.5 year ago. So no.
Changes lead us to the war. Not vice versa.

Those powerblocks stockpiled so much overexpensive stuff that with new changes it would be unreachable to defeat at all.
So CCP definitely put their hands on it.

Goons and TEST was just a zombies in master’s hands.


I don’t care how invisible CCP’s hand is; all I care about is if it will stimulate the economy to completion.

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It’s always the crazies that spout baseless conspiracy theories…


True. Who cares about having fun, providing content for members, settling old scores, getting better, achieving glory, or any of that stuff? I, for one, play to see number go up. And as long as number go up, I have no reason to fight anyone.


You can pay CA$H so they go up even more even faster. :smirk:

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So how does your “theory” accommodate PanFam?

You dont need to destroy each other to provide content.


Shipwreck: What about fun, content, grudges, self-Improvement, training, and glory? (Oh, I almost forgot. Didn’t Vily say that he wanted to break the Imperium’s power, so that they would no longer pose an existential threat to them?)

Shipwreck: Welp, that completely negated my argument. Carry on. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go somewhere there’s less of a flat earth vibe going on.


Idk instead of a bot that spins around and shoots at me eventually dying and giving some isk, I rather have fun fighting a human being, a situation that has a lot more variables and is much more exciting than farming some npcs. But you do you guess ill mine for 20 hrs.

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You haven an arena, roaming fleets, small gangs. Whateverelse.

You dont need bring ~1200 titans with 100500% TiDi for that. What’s funny in sit and look into screen for 10 or 20 hours just because game runs 20x slower than real time? In such case even mining for 20 hour more fun. At least you can watch YT between dumping your ore holds.

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Ye but arena roaming fleets… require destroying other people so we dont need those so they dont count.

Yea but cool ships and flashy lights are interesting. Space rocks are not. No offence to any space rock enthusiasts. And that was like 1 fight.

No reason?

Ever hear of greed, including that for power?

How about mental issues?

Even in RL there have been few good reasons to start a war. That has stopped so few from starting, even with actual death on the line.

But this is a game and you can’t die. And the overwhelming majority of ships are made for either combat or combat support. Same with modules.


To the contrary, those matter very much and without those your whole o.p is hearsay.

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Not much options here.
Or alliance leaders was in contact with CCP and their just aks them to escalate.
Or CCP force them to fight some way and i think nobody would disagree with fact that CCP have all instruments to do that.

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That’s quite the tinfoil hat you are wearing. Did you get a ‘buy in bulk’ discount or something?


Getting that Newsmax vibe about the OP.


image Found him


In case you aren’t familiar with it, The Meta Show is a podcast that functions as propaganda tool for The Imperium. In it, Mittens uses all sorts of real life propaganda techniques to promote the Goon Agenda.

Crack heads tell fewer lies all day that get said in an hour on the meta show.

If you watch a few episodes, you’ll probably hear Mittens call Talking in Stations, “Crying in Stations,” at some point. This is an attempt to undermine the credibility of a legitimate (Eve) news organization, as it will often present competing frames (narratives) to the ones being promoted by Mittens and crew. I mean, why try to fight facts and relatively unbiased perspectives one by one when you can undermine the entire organization in the eyes of your viewers?

Anyway, I decided to bring that up for no particular reason at all.


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