TEST vs Goons: this war is a joke

I hope everyone know about upcoming events https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/hdb52a/test_ends_nip_with_goons/

So here’s the point…
When you inform enemy about your actions 2 weeks before - it’s not a war at all. It’s just a show for the public. Real war is when everything is Ok and next moment you are fu**'d.
Can you imagine if Joker let was know Batman that he’s invade Gotham 2 weeks before attack?
Nonsense !!! : anger:

TEST should suddenly drop their forces on unsuspecting Goons. And when you know whole scenario it’s boring and predictable.

EVE Wars is a single fight events. You bring everything on the table and win or loose.

My opinion - they slightly beat eachother for sometime, maybe few average capital fights “just for fun”
But no territorial changes.

This is the one of the current major problems of EVE - major Alliances invincible even to eachother and can only died by themselves. And new players cant take their place cuz everything is already taken.
And CCP do nothing to FIX this. This is real sad.


Why must CCP fix other people lack of will to fight?

Why compare it to real life? People will be people, maybe they just don’t want to fight and that is ok.

Why dont you… start up a alliance, get a few people and beat them down yourself. You sounds eager.

EDIT: I find it funny that it seems the GOONS are universally hated. But nobody will band together do something about it.


Yeah, does sound boring.

Maybe TEST are worried if they don’t give a 2 week warning then next time the Goons won’t give them any warning.

Sounds more like a PR stunt for EVE than a real war. ‘Oh look, see EVE does have wars in null sec.’



Yes yes, we should all play the game exactly as you want and when you don’t get your way, have CCP fix it…

Another entitled whiner…


This is where TEST pretends to attack Goons with a few minor skirmishes and bait a larger conflict. Once Legacy/PanFam commit supers TEST switches sides and destroys Legacy/PF.

The only threat to TTT are Goons and would be very surprised if TEST put that very large cash cow (I assume) on the war table.

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my friends in &% are pumped , some ex corp mates are backing to ˆ%# , they talk about the war all the time, the war, the war, the war
i dont want to ruin their fun

EvE Online isn’t real.


You’re entitled to have one however ridiculous an opinion it is.

Perhaps you should play the game instead of asking daddy CCP to fix things for you.

Yes, you are.


You seem like you are in a good mood today, Nicolai.


It’s been like this for years, all the result of CCP having been in carebear mode since 2011.

Let’s hope they’re going to shake things up a lot in the near future just as they’ve started doing in high sec, just a few notches more.

Then we can watch the true carebear rage.

But it’s pretend to be

What’s the worst that could happen…


Not for me lol.
When was last major changes on geopolitical map?
Last time i remember - when Fraternity come in.
Everything except it stays the same for many years and it’s not good neither for the game neither for newcomers.

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Frankly anyone stating that there is no issue and that all is fine is lying, possibly to himself.

The biggest fool, fools themselves.

This war could be epic!


Not to mention they all share the Tranquility Trade Tower in Perimeter! Pure ■■■■■■■■!

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I am in a good mood very often although it doesn’t always show.

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