TTT Drama

So it’s all over Reddit and needs to be here to , the agreement with the groups running the TTT is over .

So what do people think it will mean for the tower and perimeter, this could be the biggest loot pinata in the history of New Eden or just endless TDI .

It may also mean F1 monkeys coming to high in mass , surely a great time to cause mayhem in null why they are busy .

So next POCO :kissing_closed_eyes:


Vily lied, TEST died.


Endless Tidilagfests. You are welcome.

Drama… I listed my Heavy Water…

I never List my Heavy Water :disappointed_relieved:

It will be a very accessible way for new players to see how those ‘big null sec wars’ are fought, just one jump away from Jita and within the safety of high sec!

Bring your popcorn, drinks, dinner, breakfast and more, because these fights will last endlessly.


What about low-sec? Is it invisible because of the yellow?

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I wonder how the high-sec wardec blue doughnuteers feel about this? Since they refuse to engage in any fights where they don’t outnumber the enemy at least 3:1, but at the same time the TTT is one of their biggest income streams, they’ll be in quite a pickle. Especially since null blocs aren’t going to need those groups for deterrence anymore.

Maybe we’ll even get to see some groups like The Initiative man up and siege some war HQs that belong to groups that have more than five active members.


For the rest of us, sleeping bags and alarm clocks :grin:

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All known as winners in truth-telling contests, all of them

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What ever it’s going to be fun , there will be F1 monkeys being Concord popped all over the place , pilots getting lost, being ganked left and right and war Dec groups flying around like happy little puppies arguing which group to war Dec.

Any low sec pirates buy some tags to get your ss up so you don’t miss the fun .

Ive no idea why you think anything is going to happen

We will see

It’s not going to be tidi.

Have you ever even played EvE?

But people have to get to the tid sys and some will be stuck outside

I miss suspect logi, concorded logi is not the same fun. But I’m not amused about the upcoming TiDi fests, as I’m living in Perimeter. :-/

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Let’s turn that around:

Why do you think nothing will happen?

After the recent update to stop new XL structures from being anchored in HS the circumstances to take down the TTT (without it simply being replaced upon death) are better than ever before.

All it needed is one of the null blocs to step out of the agreement for the balance to topple over against the TTT.

I expect attacks on the TTT soon.


I dont believe any announcement by any large group is ever what it states to be.

I also have no idea how anyone can say they can accurately gauge the balance of power.

I also stand by the adage of “nothing interesting ever happens”. If its a thing people are dying to see, always bet on the opposite.

Finally, if someone didnt call BS on everything that the majority believe, there would be nothing but echo chambres everywhere.


the keepstar is not abandoned, so no it won’t be a loot pinata.

However, when the keepstar dies, i am sure we will feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced…


It’s only logical that the TTT will die.

This folly is the brainchild of Vily and Materall, a pair of incompetent narcissists who blundered into a disastrous war and led everyone who followed them to an embarrassing defeat. These goofuses have already lost everything, with Materbear fading into the dustbin of history, while Vily has become nothing more than just another PAPI pleb.

Why hasn’t someone destroyed the TTT already? The obvious answer, as Asher explained, is that CCP has exhausted the playerbase with endless tidi structure grind timers that literally nobody wants to do. There’s a reason most structures are undefended, because even the owners don’t care if they die. Absolutely nobody (except for Githany Red) wants the misery of a boring Keepstar fight, in Highsec, where you can’t even use capitals. :sleeping: What would be the point, when some pleb will just immediately replace it with a new Keepstar? Fortunately, since CCP has finally accepted reality and agreed to disallow subsequent Keepstars in Highsec, the abomination can finally be removed.


That would be great if this place ran on that and not second hand bong smoke and Icelandic gin