TTT Drama

This place runs on whatever I want it to.

The Plebtower is done.

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“Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!”


Maybe some day, and that day may never come, hisec becomes interesting again.



What kind of parents let their todlers play PG13 games?

And technically asking, how those said todlers handle game controls?
(go ahead and surprise me with your out of box creative answers some more :slight_smile: )

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Mining alts.

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(minor heart as it is the same as before)


A refresher for anyone who doesn’t pay much attention to what “the TTT Drama” might even be about:

What TTT (Tranquility Trading Tower) is:

What changed (nullsec profit-sharing agreement ended):

Because CCP changed the rules again. From patch notes:

" Structures & Deployables:

  • Keepstars and Sotiyos, can no longer be anchored in High-Security space.
  • Existing XL Structures will be fully functional, however once they have been unanchored or destroyed they will not be able to be replaced."

Those that teach their kids early on that mining permits are important and other interesting lessons in life.
It’s okay in pg13, fairy tales are worse, however I advise at least some level of guidance:

Look, my noob son, you’re gonna lose a ship, hahaha…
200w (9)

doesn’t appear to be an issue

goes well with our current UI too, with Big Icons and much open space between them


I admit it has some merit :slight_smile: but I would need to see that toy controller in action.

And, I am afraid, CCP might see it as overpowered compared to regular kb & mice set so automatically asking for permaban. And what about multiboxing?

Working on it ! Working on it !


An especially juicy highlight is this: because nullsec blocs don’t have time to come over to hisec every other day to defend timers or ref structures, the TTC worked together with BF - who from what I understand are particularly well geared towards structure bashing - paying them from the taxes collected in the TTT. And of course BF was also used to stifle competitors in hisec. Now, BF, funded with tax isk from the TTT, started wardec’ing TTC members … which shut a few doors, to say the least. LMAO.

The open question, now that the TTC has lost two significant parties (and a third only qualifies in name, not size), what about the ICY ? The only merit - if you want to put it that way - to the TTC was creating a balance with the ICY position. Can’t have only one, that would be a true monopoly. Both or none then ?

Get lost.


Burn all I Choose You Sotiyos and Tataras down to their last atom all across highsec.

TTT, however, is the symbol that absolutely cannot stand any longer and should be the priority.

This is a war of station extermination… if you will.



I’m not sure CCP would care about a monopoly, and at least the ICY citadels were assailable.

Despite the “announcements”, the situation hasn’t really changed - I’m assuming anyone controlling the TTT income can afford enough defense to keep it intact.

It may be a case of “better late than never” for CCP to address this issue, but it’s not like they weren’t informed of exactly what would happen years ago.

From 2016:

From 2020:

So much of what goes on in EVE is basically smoke and mirrors to keep the line members busy while the controlling entities rake in trillions. CCP and the large null entities seem to be walking a careful line of propping up the house of cards while pretending to be “at war”.

The supposed actual structure of EVE, “risk vs. reward”, “actions have consequences”, “everything is at risk” depends entirely on the whims of whoever feels the need to whip up a little inconsequential action while the true wealth and control is decided in smoke-filled backroom deals.

EVE is really about “stagnation is reliable income”, “milk the great unwashed”, “pretense is good enough to fool the masses” and “don’t rock the status quo, we’re fine with the way things are thanks”.

All while those who most benefit from the current setup constantly try to convince everyone that “yes new players have just as much opportunity as they ever did, join now and build your own empire!”

Apparently though, new players have been looking behind the curtain for years now, and walking away from the illusions EVE is still desperately trying to project.


And people say its a bad simulation. Sounds like its simulating modern economics pretty well.


Painful subject?
Glad to see I can hit your nerve.

More like you’re just another one of those rotten member of the community that drags everyone down who is around today and declares some arbitrary point in the past as „the good times“.

Makes it really hard for anyone to care.


well, nice to see someone that can think for themself.
You described situation in this game perfectly.


Nobody likes a whinebaby.


I think @CCP_Nobody knows better :thinking: