What happened to null?

Hey all, sure you know me by now :smiley:

Obviously I haven’t been back in game long after all these years away and being an old member of corps in or associated with Goonswarm and being very loyal… meaning I have never even bothered trying to join any other null sec setups, I was interested to see what’s happening.

I checked the Sov maps and couldn’t find Imperium anywhere ? What happened ? All I see now is the biggest blue donut and rent boys in the history of the game.

Unless of course, if they took over and assimilated Test Alliance ?

Eve news doesn’t really help.


CFC is being removed from the game, that’s what’s going on. If you think that the big blue donut is bad, you might want to direct this complaint to CCP. It is their fault and their fault alone that literally 70% of the null sec dwellers are necessary to attack 1 bloc in 1 region.

Or spare yourself the useless effort because this is exactly what CCP wants because it gives them material for their false and deceptive advertisement. To them, this is not an issue but a great marketing material source.

Never forget:


Always a classic.

This is why I haven’t been in a gang bigger than 5 people in over a decade.


Thanks, what I see is what everyone used to fear and be totally against it. All for the sake of removing goons ?

As much as people hate them, Goonswarm made null sec interesting.

you know that you just have to read INN to get the complete story and the details week by week of the current war ?


the imperium is holding 1DQ pocket in delve and having fun and content on his doorstep
TEST + panfam + others are surrounding them and having fun but do not want to take too much risk
Reddit posts are toxic, i mean more toxic than usually.
Goons morale is high, parodic songs on this war are realeased regularly like Smells Like Goon Spirit - Eve Online! - YouTube

Test leaders declared initally that this war is a war of extermination, to eradicate goons and make them leave the game. As it is not possible to make anybody leave the game, they have actually lost this objective, and goons will survive, in Delve or somewhere else.


No, they wanted the game to stagnate with them in the strongest position.

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oH? and what do you think Test, frat, Panfam etc want?

In a pvp game with sov warfare…

Null sov is kinda pointless now tbh, the mean reason for null sov is to build supers and titans. No one is building these now as we got plenty of cheap ones in game already.

One would have thought the lessons of the last attempt would have been learned.

Null =/= GSF

We as a society have evolved past violence


How? They made it boring by virtue of all the supers and titans they had.

Nobody making this assertion about what Vily said is being honest.

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" “When we started this war, we knew that we were fighting this to the end,” Vily told Polygon. “For us, this is a war of extermination. This is a war to the death. We are aiming for the removal of Mittani and The Imperium from Eve Online. […] We are here to purge them.”"

so… show me where i am not honest

also, please be aware that we have access to PAPI comms, PAPIdiscord (spies…) (like PAPI has access to Imperium chans,lol) and that PAPI Sotas are registered and released on reddit. We perfectly know all the ■■■■■■■■ that are said there. Like “init is a dead alliance” “Init is searching for a way to leave Imperium”…etc. These lies are the words of PAPI leaders. And they are lying to their alliance members. Personnally i like it because it gives even more motivation to Imperium.
Honestly, if Vily/PL and Gobbins had said “we are going to glass Delve, kill 40 KS and then we will go back home”, i am not sure that Imperium members would have fiercely tried to prevent it, as we are outnumbered largely. Some good fights maybe but not as it is now. Now PAPI has poked the bear, or rather the wasps/bees nest. And all those bees are happy to get in fleet every day to defend the nest and kill some enemies. Good job PAPI leaders.

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I know this is a game. But I hate traitors. Thanks for the link. The Mittani should be purge. I don’t belong to any alliance but I’ve been helping papi forces from the shadows. I’m not good at combat pvp but PVE is an isk machine gun.

Goons got too big. Others decided to kick over their sand castles.


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War started because person was doxxed. Everything else is just propaganda.

Making biggest blue donut ever. Hypocrisy level pro.

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we should not need any reason to shot at each other in a pvp game. What i don’t understand is the need to say that the others are the bad guys. When you play counterstrike you shoot each other, but you don’t have to justify it.
all this ■■■■■■■■ around 'blue doughnut", “goons are bad for the game” etc is stupid. Do you really think that most base members are not the same in both sides? but once again, Vily, Materall, etc put in on a personal plan. And it increased imperium motivation, believe me. It was a mistake from my point of view

Nothing, it’s still stocked to the gills with simps and donut guzzling shitlords, just like it always was.