The Great War of New Eden...Has Come

Since the Mittani has quit Eve Online, it is time for New Eden to select, by mastery of arms and strategy, a new legend.

Mittani has quit - EVE Online’s most notorious player has quit the game | PC Gamer

Large fleets of High, Low and Null Sec Privateers should begin to Needlejack into Goonswarm territory to wreak havoc and destruction on Goonswarm.

All empires rise to a golden glory, as all empires fall into the ground and are replaced by a new empire. Such is the design of Eve Online.

Haz muz tearz for Mittani…not really though.


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[The Great War of New Eden…Has Come]

Yes RP had Ended.

Will this Great War also beging with the assassination of some royalty? Maybe a space princess? :thinking: @Iceacid_Frostpacker it is your time to shine… bring in the RP. :wink: :snowflake:

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Door had closed as I say again RP had Ended.
(edit picture removed, outdated)

But this November with the launch of the new Faction War perhaps a new found level of rp can derive from the;

Looking forward to what the future brings to Frostpacker.

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Good or bad, end of an era.

It’ll be interesting how it shakes up null if anything.

Wonder if Goons will split?

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Dear OP. Please do, content is always welcome. Grrrrryou.

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Well Dryson, you finally got what you wanted…the mittani gone from EvE.

Folks like you are gollums about that - hyperfocused on that one consuming quest regardless of any other circumstances.

Does this mean we can run risk-free PVE in highsec again?!

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Welcome to MY Eve Online story.

I am hoping so, for the sake of those who love High Sec PvE.

Do I think Goonswarm will split up?

With all likelihood, such a split would be determine if the Mittani funded Goonswarm personally and how well the new leader of Goonswarm is able to manage Goonswarms assets.

Perhaps Mittani didn’t actually quit but took on the identity of a lesser Goonswarm member to check on his alliance.

Goonswarm is still a powerful foe regardless.

To help collapse Goonswarm, ESS in Goonswarm space needs to be raided on a daily basis, the profits then rolled back into capitol ship building that will then be used to attack Goonswarm with, head on.

Daunting, yes?
Impossible, no.

Yes, you can now, thankfully.



I would like to explore this idea with you. You said that ‘I finally got what I wanted…the Mittani gone from EvE.’

Would you care to elaborate more on your statement, because I, along with everyone else in the game are curious, how did you come up with this, idea, of me wanting the Mittani gone and that some plot existed to remove Mittani that was created by me?

but- but- b-but who will wear the wizard hat? :cry:

People go, people come, its life, its the games…

What f news about it? :expressionless:

Shhh. Actual EVE players are talking :smiley:



Well what else would we be doing?

Dryson, Dryson, Dryson…bet you think this song is about you, eh? You have some smarts (I have particularly enjoyed your eve astronomy club thing) but you do have an ego on ya, dontcha. Maybe you’re secretly a bit jealous you don’t have a wizard hat to flaunt? I probably should have said something like; “Well, Dryson, goon-hating folks of your ilk finally got what you wanted…” or some such.

lol - Oh you speak for everyone in the game now, do ya? :smiley: Friend, I doubt many of the people in this very thread are curious as to that much less even some of the rest of the game.

Are you seriously going to try to pass off that you haven’t had a chronic case of grr goons for years?

I hardly give you anywhere near that credit, not to worry.

etc etc etc

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