The Great War of New Eden...Has Come


You, constantly talk about how New Eden is, player versus player. That, everything in New Eden, is player versus player. But when the chance to open up new player versus player content, the total collapse of Goonswarm, that would create great content, you scoff and boon the idea like it is a great leper.

Would the Great War, not bring the High Sec ganker all of the player versus player content to your doorstep? And still they, they hide ganking High Sec barges and freighters, when ganking a Goonswarm carrier or Titan, is always much more, profitable.

Yes, yes. The purge sounds, correct. A purge of Goonswarm that will allow many new players to experience the same, first time experiences, that Goonswarm has been hording from the rest of New Eden all of these years.

Have you ever wondered, why, Goonswarm occupied the space it did and continues to do so today? The treasures that Goonswarm keeps behind heavy, electronically sealed doors, must be immense. Does a mother hen sit upon a rock trying to hatch, new life from the rock?

We must, strike Goonswarm while their leadership is in decay, to first expose The Mittani, hiding in his own alliance as another, and to pave the way for High Sec Rookies and Veterans to be able to, enjoy the riches of Goonswarm space. Such is the new fight, so sayeth the Savior of New Eden.

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And uh what experiences have they been hoarding exactly?

What in the quafe are you smoking?

Has he quit though?

You SURE he doesn’t have other accounts or alts that are still part of the narrative??

Maybe, he’s still bumping into other players out there in space keeping highsec safe???

I could think of three hundred and fifteen reasons why he probably hasn’t quit…

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There had been some systems showing the most action in New Eden just above Delve.

I, do.? Well, ok, then. It, is, but, I, wasn’t, aware, that, I, constantly, talked, about, it.

Maybe you’re not talking to me? Must not be.
I don’t care if you actually manage to get hisec/forum Grrcrusade #23878 launched, by all means go for it. Content is good. Your idea is silly, but go for it w/e.

Has that Happened?


And I can’t wait to see Xuxe Xu show up, near the end, to scoop the scraps away from the battlefield either.


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Yep another great war in New Eden is going to happen.

Just reached a new fork and need to think on how to approach. Can go either way but there is the huge Uprising event on our doorsteps.

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I can sell you the newest in torches to go with it if you like.

Cannot GET /corp/Fork+and+Torch+Society from evewho . com

Though would make a fantastic name :thinking: :thinking:

The Great War will be exciting, none-the-less.

First, Skipjack ships, a.k.a. Needle jack’s, will jump into Null using Noise-5 filaments, rat the belts and combat sites to generate ISK Bonds in the Reserve Bank. The Reserve Bank is then looted and when full of Bonds, the Skipjacker will jump into Triglavian space and store the Bonds in a Triglavian friendly station until the ISK resources are needed or the Bonds can be turned in for ISK immediately at the appropriate facility.

Type of ship for solo missions - Strategic Cruiser build for long to medium range DPS, Covert Ops Cloak, Drones, Repair Paste and AB. The goal is to avoid PvP, for the time being, as the focus is running up the ISK by ratting.

Collecting loot, except from Named ships, such as True Sansha Beast Lord Battleship, should be avoided at all costs, as the goal is to run the ISK up in the Reserve Bank as fast as possible.

Once those involved have secured enough ISK to build numerous brawler ships, High Sec ganking ships built for Null ganking PvP, the fleet of 25 ships would Needlejack into Null and begin, excavating the landscape.

The goal of the Null Gank Fleets is to draw out the larger ships of Goonswarm so that, participating Null Alliances, will be able to drop their fleets in on top of the Goonswarm fleets and dispatch them from the solar system.

A solar system lost here or there won’t, even make Goonswarm blink an eye.

The main goal of the entire operation is to pull all Goonswarm assets out of High Sec and into Null to protect Goonswarm Null sec that will see Goonswarm High Sec assets destroyed and raided. With Goonswarm buzzing in the loss of The Mittani, coordination to defend Goonswarm territory would be, moderate at best, because Goonswarm won’t be able to protect their High Sec and Null Sec assets at the same time. Goonswarm will either have to protect all of Null and lose High Sec or protect all of High Sec and lose Null.

Very daunting, but not impossible to obtain.

Yet somehow, this isn’t happening.

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Mittins should have been permanently banned when he publicly encouraged people to force someone to commit suicide.

Good riddance.

BOB will fall!


More than a decade late with that prediction.


If we are going to bend reality that much, he should have been banned when he murdered that fellow.

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Still the Great War would be fun, unlimited combat in all systems.

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Where do you think the benefits from all of those BPO’s went?

What are you talking about? Speak plainly.