Eve wars

So why hasn’t anyone else tried taking down one of the major alliances in New Eden? Just curious. I know there is really no point, but I mean come on wouldn’t that be awesome? I was never apart of the big wars in eve but would honestly love to be. No hate please I’m just genuinely curious. I don’t really know what all is in the works in space either just speaking from what I currently know

I would but I cant be bothered.

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I think it’s very possible though, if it did go down, would you be there?

Anyone big enough to take down one of the major alliances would just be the next big major alliance. Rinse, repeat…


Right I get that, but isn’t rinse and repeat what the game is made for? Kind of like life? One falls so another can rise. Weather it be for good or for bad? But I guess you’re right. It’s all been done before. Hearing about all those wars is what brought me here to play eve. I’m not disappointed or anything that it’s all calm but I was just thinking, what if? Ya know?

Already happened many times in 19 years of New Eden history.


Q’PLAH, OP! Great fortune smiles upon you! Now is your long-awaited chance to seize your destiny! Grab your pitchfork and/or torch and warp to glory!


Well, depends what you mean by “taking down”? Evict them from space? Break their alliance? Kill their Keepstar?

At any rate, any major action against “a major alliance” basically means various entities are going to throw billions/trillions of ISK worth of ships at each other, and both sides are going to lose a lot of them.

So the question to ask is, “what would be the point?”. Unless people are just tossing trillions away for grudge matches (which they actually did in the past “Age of Prosperity”, but which nobody is doing now that CCP has instituted “The Age of CCP Doesn’t What the F It’s Doing”), then nobody’s going to toss away truckloads of ISK/resources/player time unless they assume it’s going to pay off.

And of course, there’s the problem that any “major action” is 50/50 likely to end up in some major snafu or server crash or TiDI bug that completely throws the battle for one side or the other.

The answer to “why hasn’t anyone done X” in EVE is usually - because there’s no particularly good reason to do so, and you can’t trust CCP/EVE code to even make it work.

This is why a fair number of “major alliance actions” in the past have involved infiltration, betrayal from within and disaffection. It’s overall cheaper and easier to betray your allies than to fight your enemies.

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I dont think it is but I certainly would.

On one side or the other.

EVE isn’t about war, it’s about making as much money as possible in the asteroid belts.


people fear passive smoking

It’s easier and often times more profitable to negotiate your way into owning Null space than it is to conquer it. If a group of previous low/hi sec dwellers decided they want to make a foray into Null and put their name on some systems, they would either have to attack and conquer some space from other alliances with not as many allies or have inside information on any alliances that may be effectively dead or dying, or risk the wrath of facing an entire coalition of alliances. Most of these power blocks have multiple regions of space under their belt and plenty of pilots to use those resources.

Buying and talking your way into null is cheaper and takes less effort. In exchange, those coalitions will gain more pilots to leverage against competing coalitions. All without losing ships and possibly members.

I’m happy to chip in a crate of Occult M and a bottle of Nuka Cola towards the revolution.

I dunno but they should.

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