The Great War of New Eden...Has Come

A Game Developer gave the Band Of Brother’s Alliance BPO’s.

THIS gives “some” accounting of what happened. Most people believe that there’s more to it.

Hilmar even said, “Unfortunately CCP did not act with the same decisive consistency we have used on previous occasions.

Another interesting quote from Hilmar:

“I am sure that we all appreciate that it is no coincidence that Dante reserved the lowest level of Hell for “the worst of those who betrayed their benefactors.” In our case, I would regard the EVE community as our benefactors. We are not the “gods” or “the masters” of EVE Online or the EVE community. We serve the community. You have entrusted us to safeguard your hard work.

I know the event you speak of. You misunderstood my question: what do you mean by bringing this up and saying:

Because it’s 15 years later, and you seem to imply ongoing harm.

Wow…you’re still going on about the T20 mess? For your own mental health, just finally let it go. Ancient history in a video game. Rageposting about SirMolle on kugutsumen in your dreams does not indicate a healthy psyche.


Nobody has cared about Goons for a decade. There are no Goons in EVE.

What if all the gold from the bank heist wasn’t recovered? CCP was all too happy to sweep what they could under the rug. We’ll never have access to all the facts and therefor I believe that it’s “ongoing”.


The fact that you say what if says it all :smiley:

It’s not.

You can compare the name of the corp in your 15 year old blog, to the name of the corp on my toon.

I don’t have access to that information. If you have any facts you’d like to share…please do.

As for ongoing. Let’s say for example, and example only:

The Kennedys derived their fortune from pirating on the high seas during the 1700s. Now, the Kennedys are considered “legitimate” people. That’s why I said “ongoing”.

Do you believe that all the benefit from those few players cheating was 100% recovered?

I’m not going to indulge you in your conspiracy theories.

You saying:

“You can compare the name of the corp in your 15 year old blog, to the name of the corp on my toon.”

Tells me very little. Thanks for nothing?

Do you need it spelled out for you?


Maybe the other half of my post you refused to quote makes sense now:

And why I’m not going to entertain your conspiracy theories about people that no longer play the game.

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Be kind. This is all he has.


You know we’re playing a vidya game right?

Right :smiley:

Dude for real. Honestly, its kinda terrifying that people can be this disconnected from reality.

Internet spaceships is a serious business, that’s why the Great War of New Eden, must take place.

Put the crystal quafe down my man.

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There is a market and they will buy Quafe!
Start of Every Month Frostpacker does the supply run.

Has the war started yet?

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According to the op, yes. Reading is hard.

For you, yes it is.

Should is a word you dont seem to understand

I challenge you to an IQ test.