One Way to Balance High-Security Space 🗡

Oh ok. So you won’t mind dropping that proof then?

Lol Calm down ganker… what’s with everyone claiming other people are uncalm? So much Projection.

Oh not on your life.


So you don’t have proof.

Got it :smiley:

No he doesn’t.

What we have is:

Codename Razorback → purchased by Celeru (bazaar thread)
Celeru → purchased by Dejah - Thoris (bazaar thread)
Celeru → sold to Lisa Sinak (bazaar thread)
Dejah - Thoris → biomassed (

One interpretation would be:

  • new player started the game in 2018 and wanted to advance quickly, so purchased a 2005 character
  • Celeru wasn’t all that skilled as he went for only a few billion
  • Not happy with that level, the new player went looking for a more capable character
  • Purchased Codename Razorback for a lot more
  • Kept both characters for some time and sock puppeted a little bit:

Celeru’s most replied to and most liked posts are himself:

We also know it was the same person from the posting style. Both Celeru and Codename use similar and very unusual characters:



  • Sold Celeru
  • Biomassed Dejah - Thoris

There are other interpretations, but being a 2003 player has a natural respect that comes with being one of the first. People who claim authority off it, should be able to back that claim up. Just buying 2003 characters isn’t enough (and the claims by new players that they were from 2003 was part of the reason CSM requested the character transfer records to be displayed).

There is another character (I think permanently banned from the forum) that used similar characters in some posts that I think may also be linked (and openly admitted to being a new player), but I haven’t found corroborating links yet (but they will be there if it’s the same person).


For me, the immediate red flag was Codename Razorback spouting T20 conspiracies to this day, and yet literally not knowing the corp involved at all.

I’ve bumped into a few 2003 players that, upon seeing me, ask very different questions and have very different kinds of convos because of their actual lived ancient knowledge than his nonsense pretending and tinfoil-hattery. In the geniune case, I often wind up learning some truly ancient Eve oral history. Because there’s not a lot in Eve that had a 12-part history by 2004:


Baby jebus Quafe.

You guys just straight murdered that dude :smiley:

Lulz. Obvious troll is still a troll. Because we disagree that pulling CONCORD is or isn’t delaying them makes you attack my knowledge of the game?

I’m over 40. I approve this message.

I never denied Celeru. He was an awesome alt. :heart:

I know the answer to those. Thus…I ask different questions. You must be a RL rocket scientist.

@Scipio_Artelius you didn’t even compare this chatacter’s DOB to the date I started the game. I never said that Codename Razorback is my main or first character. I hope you can prove that I just started playing last week and that CCP will refund nearly 20 years of subscription fees. That would be great. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You should’ve done your homework. I’m sure you can link me to a few other accounts…let me know if you need any help.

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What evidence do you have that it’s a 2018 player? I don’t buy any characters using characters that can be linked to me just as a matter of course. No need to give out free intel if it’s not needed. So I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t have done the same.

I have two characters older than this one and I sure as hell would never link them to this guy as I wouldn’t want them catching blowback when I disagree with someone on the forum.

I’m quite surprised (and fairly disappointed) to see you helping to engage in targeted harassment though Scipio.

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So drop the char then :smiley:

Ahh. So a coward as well :smiley:

Also admitting you know you’re trolling/griefing and wanting to protect your “main”.

Interesting :smiley:

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Nope. For all intents and purposes this is my “main” as far as such things can be assessed.

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Erm. You just admitted it wasn’t. LOL.

Or else why would you protect other chars from being associated with this one?

:smiley: Those are your real mains bruv and you know it.

Ahh. That explains his ganker bias :smiley:

@Aiko_Danuja Ah, the gift that keeps on giving. Remember this blast from the past. You were much nicer to me then…

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I can’t believe the “princess” is silent? Must have triggered something.

Wait, were we in the same corporation?

Before she accuses me of photoshop.

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Nope. What definition are you using for “main”?

Why wouldn’t I? As my main this is my public face, so when I disagree with people on the forums and they get all salty, any blowback stick with this character and doesn’t end up causing grief for other people I play with on my other characters.

Bear in mind you guys can go pretty crazy, I’ve had people attacking my servers in the past. Hell you were attempting to dox me just the other day before you realised how insanely banned you’d get.

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Gix is off the charts special. I blocked him a long time ago but can see your interactions with him. You won’t get anything positive from him.

*You guys might want to screenshot my post about Aiko. She’s probably using her alts at this very moment to have it removed.

Yeah I’m not expecting to. However can we not stray into talking about him, as one of the biggest issues I have with the ganking crowd is that they can’t stay on topic, they immediately have to attack the person, usually in a coordinated fashion with the intent of pushing them out of the forum.

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Have you tried not responding, Lucas? That’s what I do.

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