The Great War of New Eden...Has Come

OK, go for it.

For saying this, Uriel the Flame transmutes into a mouse

That character “Mittany” did not quit. It transmuted into a mouse. Their corp too ashamed to put that in public

Huh guess I won.

You lost @Ramona McCandless

Oh were you the judge?

Cool, feedback please.


Monkey Typing On Keyboard Gif

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Yeah, a while ago he challenged me to an IQ test too. And when I said sure, he stopped posting for like a month.

Dude needs his meds.

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The Great War of New Eden is:

CCP vs. Fun & Players.

Interesting you switched alts.

When Nullsec goes to war, High Sec wins.

Nobody really cares about Goons '22. Nobody really cares about NullSec either.

No, see that is where you are, not even wrong. You’re not even in the same county as the testing facility my friend.

The fact is, everyone cares about Goonswarm and Nullsec, that’s why it’s imperative that war be brought to Goonswarm and Nullsec. Because of our caring nature, we must bring peace to Nullsec and Goonswarm by destroying them and their ships. In the aftermath, while Nullsec cleans itself of our, caring nature, Nullsec will finally see that we do care about their wellbeing. So much that we had to take their ships away so that only their defenseless pods remained. Pods that aren’t worth anything but have a center yoke of nothing but :heart_hands:, caring.


Stop snorting the quafe.

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TL:DR is a symptom, not an excuse.

The Great Cope

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Now look at this trade value chart.

6_trade_value_by_region.png (1920×1080) (

Most of the trading is taking place in Jita, totally unacceptable. Null Sec needs to have regions turn blue as well, just not Jita. A good trade market is always circulatory. One Null region gets fresh market value then another and another.

Bringing war to Null to increase market circulation is critical, as Capsuleers venturing into protected Null systems where stations are secure that Capsuleers can use to Needlejacks to jump carriers around to desolate systems mining ESS while create much needed trade circulation in Null. As of right now, you have to be in an alliance to dock at a Citadel.

But open market citadels in Null that provide Clone access from High Sec to ships stored in Null will open the door for younger Capsuleers to get their feet wet making ESS ISK within three months of creating a new account.

The last six regions with 0 trade value are the systems to set up shop in.