Change is coming

I Welcome it.
The end of time for corp/pve grievers is coming.
You know those so called “PVP pro players” who hunt players trying to enjoy pve in pve fitted ships.
Your actually are the sickness that kept this game small.
There so much PVE content in Eve, so much you could do together, this has always been held back by you wardec grievers.

The funny thing is, it’s all your fault. You held Eve back all those years, so they had to sell it.
And the one who bought it doesn’t give 2 cents about you, he cares for money.
PVE players bring money, current pvp players didn’t.

See you around, when i can fly around with not a worry on my mind. Enjoying the ships i learned and worked for with mindlike players. And you not being able to touch me when i don’t want it.

Change is coming



:rofl: You know what ruins EVE? Rorquals, Supers and Titans. Wars are a non-issue because they can be absolutely easily avoided without losing any of the benefits of the corp under wardec.

If people cannot handle wars, what are they ever going to do when they dive into low sec or null sec, where your very home and everything you worked for can be taken away in an instant and you cannot avoid that. People like these have no place in EVE.


Ahhh, I have never pvp’ed only 1 time did I blow up another, but I don’t think it will be as great of change as you might be hoping for so I wouldn’t get too glee.


Hmm… How_YaDoing - Joined 20 mins Last Post 8 mins - who’s alt are you ?


Oh look, a mainstream SJW news article crying about what the game is about :joy:


It is?

I think you might be taking a victory lap a little prematurely. Wars are long overdue for some attention, but they aren’t going anywhere.


Well well well, actually some news in press about how CCP always treated customers playing game.


This is no alt, my character is How Yadoing. Its been so since 2008 or something.
I just never ever felt the urge to hit this forum. I think the reactions shows exactly why.

So blind about the results of their actions. Its your fault it got sold.
Even more blind about what will come.

No matter,
I just wanted to let players who had hope to enjoy high sec space in peace, know there is.
And hope they come back, like me, to enjoy.


The weeping of a care bear on a care bear site means nothing, keeps the care bears dreaming.

Meaning we get more FODDER KILLS out of them before they quit.

lol, perfect!


I do think that a sort of system where a Corp can opt to structure their corporation in a way that let’s say gives protection from grief deccs is in order.
But the flip side is yes, maybe give corps who structure for PVP some kind of advantage over social corps or Indies like tax breaks when buying and selling.

But maybe the way I look at this is strictly from a non PVP view, what drives some corps to PVP and why do they like it, if we can bring those who want PVP together with those who say they are ‘real’ pvp’ers but only grief decc then those grief deccers who are structured for PVP will have to rethink what they do as the real wolves will sort them fakes out (in theory of course).


Here is your problem, no one but care bears thinks a PvP war in a PvP game is “grief”.

What you think is a bad thing, PvPers and PvP game developers think is a GOOD THING.


As I’m acknowledging that here.

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I think you, and these hypothetical other players, should wait until some actual changes have been announced before you announce your triumphant return to the game. In all probability, wars are not going to change that significantly, aside from providing some immunity in some way to corps without structures. Eve Online is not changing into a carebear paradise or anything.

That maybe all that is necessary to bring you and these others back, but Eve is and will always be a PvP-centric game. The changes that come, may disappoint you.

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Wars or no wars? War decs or no war decs?

Personally, IDGAF one way or the other. It really doesn’t affect my gameplay either way.

And unlike most of you, I’m man enough to own up to not caring even a little bit about anyone’s enjoyment but my own. No pretending to care about the game to justify my playstyle. No manufactured outrage at CCP for gimping my ability to be a total dick in game.

No, I just don’t care.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Your lack of understanding as to the nature of EvE is staggering.

An overhaul to wars is quite welcome, even to those that “abuse” it, additionally the points you go on about have no relation to that mechanic. Wars are irrelevant and useful only for the legal removal of structures in HS; any other application is an exercise in easily avoidable random encounter chance… or mutually arranged content.

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Even when one understands, it doesnt mean one accepts.

In case of wardecs its easy to understand and easy to not accept, as determined by countless players who left.

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The white knights here will never accept that a change of course to a more mainstream approach is needed and will be executed…

“This will not be eve anymore”…

I say SO WHAT…

If it’s better i don’t care what the dognatic conservatives think…they shall leave the game if they can’t stand the change…

Change is life,not changing anything is standstill and standstill means death…but don’t discuss this with the white knights…standstill is what has to be for them…

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Oh dear. You poor grieving carebear, surely you must know that the new owners already make an open world PVP game?


Whats funny, in article is suggestion to change wardecks to similar mechanism that is in BDO. Looking how much PA made on BDO and who bought who, who owns who… add 2 to 2. :smirk:


Oh dear you poor PVP caveman,surely you must know that the new owners decide the way the game goes even if you don’t like the way it will go.?
There will be a change to mainstream if you can stand it or not…this was said already…

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