Is Imperium unstoppable?

I’ve seen the monthly economic reports (production in delve), and heard about the recent deal with GOTG- and I’m wondering, does any alliance have a fighting chance against Imperium? Or is it reasonable to assume that Imperium will likely take over everything?

I’m about a month into Eve, and I’m trying to understand the meta game a little better. I actually hope I’m wrong here, it would be unfortunate if/when the game is dominated by one superpower- and players lose interest in Eve.

Please point out any flaws in my logic. Ultimately, I want to understand the game a little better- and some discussion here would help me out.

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Imperium is unstoppable if they are serious about their objective, and the entire rest of Eve doesn’t band together to oppose them.

Having said that, you should not worry about them taking over and all other players losing interest in the game. The Imperium has been around in one form or another since the early days of Eve, and we’re all still playing.


The Imperium has no intention or desire to take over everything. They have been going down their extract revenge list on people that wronged them in the past. The list is almost complete. They are in the process of going home to Delve for now. You don’t have to worry about any of this.
Here is a good video of how they were backstabbed a few years ago that led to this.


FYI, about 1-2 years ago, the Imperium produced a plan to takeover all of nullsec and create a mega rental empire. Lots of ISK funding later most of the other large alliances temporary banded together and wiped the floor with the Imperium.

Are they powerful? Yes
Are they unstoppable? No one is


You mean like CONCORD?

You will NEVER EVER get all alliances together.
Never in a million years.
They will continue to betray each other even knowing it’s their own doom.

They are too many childish alpha males on the top of of the alliances and too few voices of reason to let that even work for an HOUR.


Band of Brothers was once the biggest, the “best” alliance, they farmed everyone for content, now It is Imperium, who knows what it will be in future. :thinking:


They tried to impose their “will” on lowsec and that ended with them losing all their space up north. Make of that what you will.

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I do not think that the Imperium will take over everything, but they will certainly dominate the game and the application of strategic power.

Well they are not really Eve players at heart, because the real Eve is testing yourself against difficulty and holding your head above the water and even better thriving.

What you will find is that owning Supers and Titans when the Imperium really dominate will be a right royal pain in the butt unless you are in the Imperium or one of their allies. And that is because their enemies inability to defend their Keepstars is eventually going to make them the truly dominant strategic power in the game.

But the game is more than that…

I watched a number of PL players walk away because they were no longer top dog and able to dunk easily at the top of the food chain., bit sad that…


There is no clear answer for me but i belive if u get rid of multiy boxing
and removed player that actually in other alliances then you will see if they are or not.

Imperium are the Evil Empire™ in the game. Whether that role in the game is played by NPCs or players, it shouldn’t matter. The latter is probably more fun to play against.


May as well shut the servers down. Removing multi boxing will have this effect anyways

Input Broadcasting is not allowed per CCP and can get you banned.
Multiboxing 10 clients manually, as in running 10 Rorquals, is fine so not sure why CCP would get rid of Multiboxing.

They don’t need everything they’re fine living in delve thing is they’ll run over your ■■■■ when they feel like it whenever they want.
Imagine like 2 nations in CIV one just discovered steam power the other space flight this is how the difference in power will feel

Imagine people in Imperium leaving because of the same reason, when they will lose caps to counter-caps.

What counter-caps you may ask, then I will answer: why dont you ask CCP about that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Bro there are zillions of ways and places you can grow, prepare, attack, hide and continue. Also against the big guys. Just explore and find your style.

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Having been an member of the Imperium and having close and consistent contact with high ranking members of the Imperium I can assure you that taking over all of EVE is not their current plan and I seriously doubt it ever will be even if they state such as a goal.

The Imperium utilizes disinformation and propaganda to further its agendas but much of what is stated isnt even a goal but a diversion.

The Imperium enjoys its status as the big-thug but wants people of consequence to fight and if it were to take over all of New Eden, then significant opposition ends and EVE truly will die.

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Highly unlikely, even if they were able to.

First of all, I don’t think they can. Without question they are the strongest coalition in the game right now in terms of economics, large-scale warfare, organizational setup and number of people. Their economic backbones depend on stability and are tighly knit to Delve and the surrounding regions. While Goons, Imperium sorry, have acquired a number of price pets, partners sorry, like Snuffed Out and Init, and have a few capable Sigs of their own, who are able to play demolition man in the far edges of the cluster and kick in peoples sand castles, a war so far from home would usually not be one for attrition, but for showing the potential, keeping people entertained, mocking the enemy and so on.

In order to “take everything”, as you were asking, they’d need to establish at least a 2nd, if not a 3rd Delve on the other sides of Nullsec. While I think that they could pull this off, it’s not unlikely that such an attempt would lead to the rest of EVE organizing against them again.

More importantly though, I don’t think they want. Taking everything would mean the end of any large or even mid-scale content in Nullsec. Even if this could be achieved, it would make the game so boring for themselves, that they would fall apart from the inside. It’s better for them to play out their economic superiority and entertain their own people and pets/partners with dunking on others, than creating a situation in which they end up being the only entity that still plays the game.

As would most people currently affiliated with said superpower. It’s a bit of a contradiction, but also somewhat self-regulating. Some of the people who cry the hardest about lack of content are the ones who affiliate themselves with the blob, use the advantages that offers and if it ever comes close to being too stale to have a reason to log in, the power will start to crumble.

Their current superiority is a mixture of Goons genius way of organizing economics of scale and a bunch of PVP alliances who became their pets, because the game was too hard on them. Sooner or later the ego of the “PVP” guys will take over or they’ll bore themselves out of the game.

And who knows, maybe there is still the war Goons vs. Test on the horizon. Because let’s face it: revenge for Goons is not done, as long as Test didn’t get a proper beating. The fact that Test have been Goons useful idiot for the past year(s) will make this so much funnier.



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Whenever someone thinks there is an evil in this world, then it’s often two evils - the one who is seen as an evil and the one who sees evil.