Is Imperium unstoppable?

Takes one to know one to know one to know one.


I always find it funny when people ask for completely artificial means “for small guy to have a chance”.

Just imagine: someone asks FIFA about adding artificial rules to football using reasons like these?
“Yes, we cannot win because other teams are better trained and have better finances and players. We cannot afford this! But we (small guy) have to have a chance!”. Sounds funny doesn’t it?

BTW: i’ve seen something similar in one of Harry Potter movies where they did play some game with balls and there was a rule when team could win if one special player could catch ball with wings (no matter if his team is worse or better than competitor). Maybe that’s where all these “small guys of EvE” take their idea? :thinking:


Im not sure I’d like your opinion then on those of us who feel that its humanity’s default setting and it takes active thought and effort to be anything else.

Can anyone else put 200 Titans on the field at one time?

It’s not so much my opinion as it is my experience. And I agree with your observation.


There is a small thing called ВА-111 Шквал that can sink the most expensive and most powerful ship on earth. This isnt even hard to imagine. But for some arbitrary game balance some small guy would need to be devoid of fun of using something similar in a game. :thinking:

If they took over everything, there’d be no content for their members.

Their leadership understands that (they’ve said it a few times in different ways).

So there is value in having reds - more fun for everyone.

If they wanted to, they could dominate, but in practice, they only choose certain objectives and they leave the rest alone.


Is this a bad thing?

There is a thing like bomber that can use bombs against subcaps very effectively, so why there isnt a thing like that on corresponding scale but for caps? :thinking:

Isnt gameplay as matured to make some balance tweaks? I think it is.

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Well… To use this torpedo you need a submarine (already not a small guy in EvE O terms). Then you need to be pretty close to the object to attack it (maximum working range of this torpedo is 13km and no it has auto-following after launch). It is pretty noisy so any submarine hunter will have good time tracking you. Add here pretty limited range of applications.
And don’t forget that your submarine can be detected and being hunted long before you can get into position to attack.

Compare it to EvE Online mechanics where small guy can simply “disappear” (by warping off) and where “big guys” cannot just swat bunch of “small guys” with 1 good shot (and in some cases bigger ships are pretty unable to do anything to small ship around it), where using cloaking device you can be right next to your target without any chance for it to detect you, etc-etc…

One more thing is: in RL smaller ships are not always faster than bigger ones. It’s rather opposite. While in EvE Online bigger is slower by design.

All in all i’m not sure your example is applicable to EvE O.


That was only example of how small defeats big, how david can defeat goliath.

Nothing stops CCP from making some rules that reflect that in game mechanics. Sort of “rock, scissors, paper” game. Strategy, tactics. You know, RTS stuff, EVE is more of it than anything.

This particular example is bad: modern submarine is not much cheaper than ship. I would not call this “David vs Goliaph”.
And i’m not sure that this torpedo can one-shot a ship. Even WW2 ships could withstand huge damage and survive by itself (like one cruiser got hole of 18 square meters and still was afloat and repelled attack of 2 smaller ships).

You could choose another example like RPG vs tank. Price wise it would be proper. But modern tanks have pretty good protection from such weapons.

I understand that in EvE Online we can have something but talking about examples from RL look not so appealing.

I dont think we can have something, we should have something. Or you want to sit there and watch titan blobs for eternity? On one side that is.

You missed the point, sinking into derivative talk about real, I want EVE to be more fun even for smaller guys. What can be better than dispatching a bunch of titans outnumbered?

Maybe you like flying capitals, well, tough :poop:. Instead of server reset, we need the reset of something else for game to stay interesting and not become a place where every null battle is onesided and everyone knows what will be the result. Its boring, it doesnt make game grow, it makes playing field become empty.

The only time ever in the history of this game when there were actual working strategies / tactics that relied on players vs n+1 was back in the days of the old R&K. Unfortunately even what remains of R&K today is crap for various reasons and there are no replacements, nor can they be made in today’s game environment.

As far as original topic goes, yes. Goons are pretty much it, especially due to the sheer stupid amount of botting, afk ratting, and afk and bot mining.

Add to that the cap vs sub cap imbalance, cap proliferation due to the above, CCP catering game design and patches to goons, and TQ is just well on its way to become Serenity 2.0.

Its sad that Test has become a goonpet but their hand was forced by the stupid dicks from PL and now everything is screwed up.


I did not get this .
can you explain it ?

I dunno, maybe spending time, money and effort for something big and powerful to then get decimated by some lazybone whos game is to be small guy (read: not spend any effort and time to get to the top but to have fun in their spare time) just because of some strange idea of “fun even for small guys”? :rofl:

Seriously? Would you spend any time and effort if result of this is None? Just put yourself to place of this unbeatable nullsec monster which have spent years of effort to achieve what they have now? You really think it is “fun” for them to find that their time and effort was wasted?

What all you “small guys” miss is that these null-sec people didn’t get all of their “ISK-machine, titans and hordes of players” for free. They started like any of us, from 5k ISK and corvette. But some of them found will and power to build corporations, then alliances, do wars and grow up. All you want now is to kill all meaning of effort spend in the game and basically make it Space Themed Counter-Strike. What’s next? Server resets every month to make all players “equal”?

Think of it.


3 caveman were playing a game, 2 of them got together and defeated the other one.

The defeated one felt it was unfair, however he could have made the same deal with either of the other two.


I agree regarding EVE, but please leave football out of it. Professional football is about such insane amounts of money these days, that several countries and leagues have already introduced rules to at least somewhat manage the negative repercussions of it. And in most cases it’s because the fans created a lot of pressure. Many fans, especially those who play themselves, don’t like what money is doing to the competetiveness of the game and often they hate the corrupt officials behind it. The more money you have, the more money you get, is said to be fun in EVE, but it’s not fun in the world of real life sports - at least from a European perspective.

EVE is supposed to be a dark place where all the worst traits of people come together and that’s what makes it a special kind of fun. Football is different, more honest and archaic. 11 vs 11, no matter what. No dropping, no running away, no blue doghnut.

Anyhow, thinking about this made me realize a thing about these weird threads about perceived “unfairness” in EVE. I really wouldn’t be surprised if many of the people who have this initial feeling of EVE being super unfair, had done some kind of competetive team sports in the past. The kind of honor people live in sports, is not found in EVE and they wrongfully assume it would. Instead EVE is more like a city where you never know when you get into a real street fight, the type where really everything goes.


Having been on the inside and as i mentioned before in close contact with high ranking members of the goons the feeling i got from them was that TEST was a non-issue unless TEST went and did something stupid now or in the future.

There is a general good will between the two organizations. Goons love to see TEST members roaming in DELVE but are far less understanding of other alliances doing the same. TEST and GOONS have one or more agreements in place that have fostered this comfortable attitude towards one another.

Im not claiming you are wrong but im not so certain you are right.


The problem with this thinking is that in the two major wars i was involved in during my time in the GOONS, we had HUGE numbers but lost both by HUGE margins.

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