If EVE was invaded by the Imperium of Man

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If the EVE Gate was to stabilize and open up, and the Imperium of Man were to pour out of the gate into the EVE galaxy, do the capsuleers stand any chance of stopping or even stemming the tide of an Imperial crusade? If not, how long would the great empires of EVE last before being destroyed, forced into compliance, or fleeting to the wormholes?

The Imperium of Man would be unable to win a single battle in a universe where logistics, attrition, freedom of thought, technological development and sex exist.


Also we have the Amarr.

Better in Every way.


I always thought it was interesting that most everyone assumes that the Earth in Eve lore could never have a dark age or technical regression.

Having such an occurrence could be a great way to open up the gate. Plenty of opportunity for ancient tech exploration.


As both an Amarr loyalist and an Imperium of Man loyalist such a crossover might just break me mentally.

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If any one has seen the Empyrean age trailer they have seen the weapons we would go up against. I would really like to to an entire capital fleet get Insta blapped by 1 BS.

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Imperial battleships are nearly the size of titans. Imperial battlecruisers carry ‘dooms day’ like weapons. And then there are the Blackstone Fortresses…


The more we digitize information and turn our backs on hard copy, the more likely this becomes.

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They also get lost in the warp frequently.

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I think they’d be hosed. Capsuleers are immortal, and can just respawn, learning more and more each death and coming back with that knowledge.
Superhumans are great and all, and the warhammer universe does have those mostly dead dudes that get turned into mechs… so maybe they have peeps that can act similarly to capsuleers and control a ship with their mind. But they’re not immortal.
Not sure if any of the magical type stuff might be able to trump capsuleer tech or not, though.

Well, if you assume they have continued their tech advance without any decline, they probably discovered their own “wet grave” many years ago.

Im hoping some day EVE gate will be open again, players would be able to visit solar system and nerby stars but we will encounter there nothing but salvage, wrecks etc. there won’t be humans there anymore, only ancient tech (for new playable ship race) and we can only guess if they ware exterminated or needed to leave our ancient home


Ib4 gate gone, no gate for Neddy, the gate is waving bye-bye “Bye Neddy, bye-bye” etc

That much is true. But only as long as there is a cloning facility and a ready clone around. Readying a clone takes times and resources. And sooner or later the capsuleers will run out of both. The Imperium, while rigid in their doctrines and beliefs, are not stupid. They will learn about the cloning vats and how the caps use them. Then they will become primary targets. And once they are destroyed the “immortality” of the caps is done for. Mind you, the Imperium is vast and they have Billions and Billions of guardsmen and no qualms to throw them in harms way. If it comes to attrition they have the greater numbers and a squad of Space Marines for each and every cloning vat.

This would be impossible because I closed “The EVE Gate” myself!

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Marines are only 25% stronger than an average man. And theres only a million marines, further if they sent any more than a token force through, then that part of the Imperium would fall as it would be undefended.

The Imperium’s fleet is also not capable of waging war at the speed at which capsuleers think.

They load torpedoes by hand ffs

The Imperium of Man would win hands down. It doesnt matter that we have FTL ships which dont need to go near a zone of “should not be”. It doesn’t matter that we throw gigaton munitions around like toffee.

They have literally unnummbered military forces. They have munitions that the EVE realm has no understanding of. Sure we might win at the beginning, but in the long run what the Emperor wants, He on Earth will get.

They literally dont.

The Imperium teeters because its already straining.

How many regiments of guard do you send? What planets do you allow to fall to cone to this backwater? Fenris? Cadia? Mars?

How many guard will immeadiately desert to go to a Gallante pleasure station?

How many will even achieve planet fall when their archaic steampunk ships cannot outmaneuver a Dreadnought?

And they cannot even warp anywhere; the light of the Astronomicon doesnt reach New Eden; it doesnt even reach all of their home galaxy.

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