When PAPI inevitably beats the Imperium

Can Horde please collapse on and annihilate TAPI? Please? It’s embarassing that they think they’re doing any sort of legwork whatsoever in this conflict. It’s literally all just Horde and NC.

I’ll take a Horde dominated actual blue donut because they’re the least insufferable of the three nullblocs.

Also I miss CAOD and hate what it is now. Can we bring it back too?

I’m not sure about the “inevitably beats the imperium” part. I’m not affiliated with them, but they have a pretty loyal core player base. Even if they should get kicked out of delve, they will survive and build up again like they did when they got evicted from Deklein.

Then, another alliance will fill the power vacuum and be the “evil guy”. The others will be happy to team up with goons against them and the circle will start again. Like it allways was, it allways will and allways should be in eve :slight_smile:


horde is a fighting group , more will , more pvp minded people , more of the right kind os new blood , more fun pew pewing
that said
I’m team goons because i like mitans and the bees bzzzz bzzz bzzz
they have a place in my heart :heart:
but also they are a bunch of


sooooo its hard for them to fight what can described as the NEO mongols


yet i don’t think delve will fall , goons as a industrial alliance can sustain a siege for a long time, they have a lot of power , they will live

btw i mentioned on other topic that eve is facing a conflict of generations
mitans represent the gen x , early milenium old eve
he created the concept of accepting every moron in the alliance so the alliance grows as each member gets rich
now he is facing a similar effect to the cancel movement
he is being called evil , he lost a lot of power
the other side that do EXACTLY what he does say they are good and is getting the hearts of the new generation
more than a war of alliances this war mimics the cultural wars IRL


Oh, I’m aware that Goons will never go away. I don’t really want them to either, as long as they and NC are still around, the age old conflict between the two completely different powers will survive. TAPI are just an embarrassing third wheel in this conflict that are just doing this because they know they’d get destroyed otherwise. If I were Brave or Army of Mango I’d be embarrassed to be associated with them.

Any semblance of being the endearing, younger brother of Goons that they once were has long gone, and they’re just another boring nullbloc monolith, except they’re far worse at the game.


Did you create that yourself?
It’s cute!

Unfortunately not, it was on the Eve subreddit a while ago. Would love to give the artist credit, but i can’t find the thread anymore so i just googled the picture.

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I think you’ve been reading too much reddit propaganda…

TAPI have done nothing. They don’t even have anyone that can play the game well. Vily’s doing all the talking because he knows Horde will deliver all the results for him.

I mean, he pretty much admitted that he started the war because if he didn’t, Imperium and Horde would take them out first. That’s not confident leadership.

Imperium twitch streams very close to your heart? That was like directly from Mittani’s spin book :crazy_face:

I don’t watch twitch streamers. It’s just extremely obvious that Horde is winning the war and TAPI is getting carried.

I just hope someone wins, and that the action and publicity is good for the game, spin off novels and comic books, merchandise, sweets, fanfest talks and pub crawls.
As to who will win ? Or should win ? Meh. Everyone wins by playing the game.

Oh, and send @Brisc_Rubal and the other streamers, Ron, Matterall, etc. some hearty foods and drinks. Those long hours must be wearing them down.

I don’t think it is going to happen. CCP in their glorious ability to conceive of long term game planning just opened the flood gates when they allowed TEST to bubble wrap their 5th attempt at anchoring keepstar. This is going to end badly. If Goons do this and CCP sticks their nose into the fight then it is going to be the T20 developer scandal all over again. (Which I bet it is already on reddit.) Vily just shot himself in the foot on this when it comes to leadership image. TAPI just might be relabeled Test Developers Please Ignore.


Test Developers Please Ignore = haha love it.

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give me two

here ya go :grin: