The Official End of the Beeitnam War

As a coalition, The Imperium always strode to uplift it’s members and offer them the best conditions and opportunities possible in New Eden, without compromise and no matter the cost. This philosophy allowed it to achieve unprecedented levels of development and reach the highest position within New Eden alliances and coalitions. That fact undoubtedly stirred up the envy and vitriol of the other inhabitants of the cluster, who sought to smear and bring down the light of The Imperium.
More than a year ago, in July YC 122, they formed by far the biggest coalition ever seen in New Eden, banding together 103 alliances adding up to more than 150.000 pilots. They invaded and sullied the sacred territory if The Imperium, reaching the very gates of the capital system. They thought that numbers would guarantee victory and success, but 14 months later, they learned that brute force and overwhelming quantity is no match for Imperium quality and determination. Their best efforts were futile and fruitless leaving retread and abandonment as the only option.
Once they accepted their utter defeat and began their stampeding retreat, they left behind a strew of Keepstars, the remnants of their dark plow to defeat the undefeatable. A week ago, the last of those Keepstars was destroyed in Delve: Keepstar | Upvote | Killmail | zKillboard , a day ago, the last one was destroyed in Querious and today the last one on the staging chain was destroyed in the low-sec system of Irmalin Keepstar | Upvote | Killmail | zKillboard
The Delve Homeland has been cleansed and it’s surrounding regions have been rightfully returned to the Father-Land. The Imperium’s victory is complete and uncontestable and the vengeance will be swift and merciless!

The Mittami

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Wen wilf this war be ofer


Dey pullin truups uit as we speeketh.

Guess this means the TTT will be online imminently, as the tax changes are rolled back


Didn’t it end like when TEST retreated?

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Fat if all.

-scuffles her handbang for her missing teeth-

:thinking: Soo, is the OP a Mittani clone alt or what?

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Looks like it. The similar picture and similar name could have fooled some, but this is someone’s alt posting.

Anyway, I thought WWB2 was already over a couple of weeks ago when the troops at 1DQs gate gave up further assault and started the retreat.

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This is the real @The_Mittani. I will vouch for him.

Oh, in that case we can be sure it’s an Alt and not the real one.

So, back to crabbing alongside Fraternity and the rest?

Don’t think this is the real one, but I’d thought I’d give some thoughts. I might not understand the dynamics as a new player and I mostly find information out about it on INN and three different imperial subcap players who blog. I don’t really think the war is exactly over. The Imperium triumphed over Papi and won the main phase of the war. But my guess is that the Imperium is still out for retribution and will attack TEST. It’s not “you stay on your side of the line and we won’t attack.” If the Imperium and PAPI would only engage in fights where they expect to win by ISK, then I’d say the war is truly over even if there is not that rare formal agreement. If you only pick cost efficient fights (or at least those you think will be cost efficient before you go into them) that means there is no big strategic vision in mind, just targets of opportunity.

Seeking retribution means you have bigger goals than trading cost efficiently. You might seize a TCU, set up citidels outside Delve, or something else to reach that goal. You might do it cost efficiently which would be nice, but it seems you would still pick fights you can win a grander goal than cost efficiency.

Since there is a bigger goal than opportunism in the fights you’re going to take, I’d say the war isn’t over.

Sure, the imperium might want retribution, but I wouldn’t call that part of ‘the war’ anymore.

Half of New Eden banded together to fight the goons, they gave up, retreated and their group dissolved. War was over the moment they gave up. Or, like this impression of The Mittani has stretched the idea of the war: the war was over the moment the last parts of that invasion were cleaned up.

Any retribution will be part of the next war, invasion, deployment or whatever. It just won’t be part of WWB2. That war is over.

I guess we agree to disagree then. I consider it a war when at least one side seeks something other than opportunism (the shoot anything not blue policy of most null corps means defining zero hostilities would put most crops at war with each other by this definition, so that’s obviosuly meaningless). What I call the Main Phase of World War Bee 2, which you call the whole war, PAPI tried to destroy all Imperial Sovereignty. They would take a cost inefficient fight if they could set up a keepstar that helped them towards that goal, although setting up a keepstar cost efficiently would be nice too. They failed and got cleared otu of Delve. The Imperium now wants revenge and will be willing to take a cost inefficient fight if it can lead them towards that goal. If there was a lull where the Imperium was like “yeah, let’s rebuild a bit and only lash out if a target of opportunity arrives” then I suppose that period would be the divide between two different wars. But it seems to me they are rebuilding, but they are also seeking retribution without a lull, while PAPI is a bit unbalenced.

PAPI does not exist anymore, it dissolved.

Papi indeed failed, gave up on the war and retreated.

I wouldn’t say they ‘got cleared out of Delve’ as the only thing that got cleared out of Delve was structures (and some retreating ships) that were left behind after the retreat. PAPI, or what was left of it, was not in Delve anymore when goons reclaimed it, but was busy moving their war assets a long distance far away from goons.

The war cannot over until BEES are exterminated. Go back there and bring it home boys.

Otherwise Vily lied and Gobins failed, this cannot be true.

Retreated? Fled.

No offense to the line members, I was speaking about your leadership.

For those who wonder when, what and where the next thing will happen …