Is this WW Bee II?

I’m surprised that isn’t a single topic about Null-Sec event, which started a week or two ago. An event which will have great impact on Hi-Sec activity. Maybe involved players prefer to talk about it on Reddit, under hidden account names, or to remain silent to not reveal their true plans. But I’m asking free to speak players…

Is this another true war, the result of which will have great impact on the future SOV Map of “Moon” expansion?

Or it is another prevocational Null-Sec trick, because I’m surprised that TEST and Imperium marched to the North. At the same time GOTG and PanFam created a mega coalition.

The Imperium Marches

Even Jintalk don’t know the name of new war!

Jin’talks - ___________ War - Setting the Scene

P.S. I’m very interested in SOV mechanics, comparing it to chess.

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Chess if played by 50 people at once… on the same board… and not all players have the same amount of pieces…and the the same pieces have different rules depending on who wields them.

Put the chessboard down and pick up a book on politics, you’ll get farther.

–Politico Gadget


You are right. The SOV-Chess-Table is asymmetrical.

More like World War Reeeeee

(No, I didn’t think that up. But god damn is it ever funny).


Reeee? I’m missing something.

Do you think that “Iteron” fleet of dreadnoughts and carriers of the Imperium Marches is a queue to ice cream van?

Obviously, the supporting “S/M/L” fleets are already deployed to the North. Considering the super-cap fleet remained to defense the Delve, that’s for sure that the same size sub-cap fleet is docked somewhere in Delve to support Titans when required. The Goons controlled null-sec regions just too long to do something without Plan B.

The Tribute war is very interesting. It’s a case when neutral hi-sec players, corporations or alliances can participate and influence over war events passively with ammo, weapons and ships supply. It can be done openly at Jita/Perimeter or hiddenly through private contracts and smugglers. To control the North, you should control Tribute and Pure Blind. To control Tribute you should control, at least partially, Vale, the Forge, Lonetrek and Black Rise. Who will just drop to the Tribute, without a bridgehead, are doomed to fiasco.

There are many experienced eve-bloggers which positioning TEST and the Imperium as offenders. I remember this spring in EVE as very calm. Comparing these events to chess, first move was done by PanFam at HED-GP (July 1) and after at Seshala. Some brawls happened in Catch, Providence and Auga. The march to the North I’m marking as “Turn 2”.

Obviously, these fleets aren’t enough to take the core NC/PL systems like M-OEE8. As for me, it’s not a war at this moment, but a “crusade” for achievements, treasures and spoils. Considering extreme low Activity Defense Multiplier in Tribute and Vale the provocations at HED-GP and Seshala looks like a trap. Somebody want to lure southern alliances to the North. In this scheme, the Legacy is in the worse position, in case if Drone Region Federation will invade Impass, Esoteria and Paragon Soul. Previously some Russian alliances was kicked from there to Stain, just saying.

Anyway, this summer is hot and the August seems to be hotter. Comparing this to Combat Sites, this “Crusade for Spoils” can escalate into “WW Bee II” expedition, including all that Reddit text in popup window.


This is something I saw on MassivelyOP’s site and it has me pretty intrigued. The idea apparently, according to Brendan, is to simply go up North with TEST and wreck havoc with no intention of gaining systems. However, if things really worked out for goonfam I could see them regaining systems regardless of what they say.

This war should be called The Infinity War imo.

Since we never considered the war to be over and never adopted the “World War Bee” name, we are still calling this the Casino War. If the nullsec situation doesn’t drastically change anytime soon, we may just start calling it “The War”, considering it’s pretty much always been the same groups shooting each other for years with only some of the smaller entities switching sides occasionally.

In my opinion, every big conflict or war in EVE should have a name to easy identify the events in game. Moreover, it’s an uncommon game ability which allows players to craft some story or history.

You are right by saying “some groups shooting each other”. It reminds me Red&Blue Alliance. All big Null-Sec alliances and coalitions are an evolved version of Red&Blue alliance conception. There are rumors outside these forums and Reddit – in EVE chats and personal blogs. The current alliance structure and their wars reminds me the PVP concept, for example, of WoW battlegrounds or CS zones. You just choose a symmetrical side and you jump in for pew-pew-pew just to collect points and badges. I see Twitch or Skype corporative chats where involved leaders talking about past and future battles like scientists at a conference or like members of fishers club – what lure to use to catch the biggest fish and who and what fish caught last season. Maybe this is why you call this just A “war” not The “war”. The Drone region map is just a fossil record over EVE map. If someone losing a SOV – it’s just a chess castling. Considering current ISK in game and economy I don’t see the “True” lost of a region a big deal. You can gain another one. Trying to conquer regions or entire map is an utopia.

I think EVE is missing those old true battles of Russian, French in game wars before 2010. The disband of Band of Brothers was an opponent’s weak move and changed the null-sec concept to what we see today.

Where is TEST fleet? TEST didn’t show a big North game and at the same time isn’t present at defense of Legacy territories. Only CO2 had tough times last week in Feythabolis. Maybe they got a defender role during these events. Anyway, they are outnumbered there, already lost few SOV points. I’m surprised that TRI helped CO2 at JI-LGM. Without the TRI help they probably should been lose that Fortizar.

The second thing which is similar to WW Bee is the pressure over CO2, while coalition forces are who knows where…

There is a war? If there is, where is the progress. After an initial, still lackluster assault on Tribute sov infrastructure, nothing else has come forth. Enemy Jackdaw fleets get slaughtered on a regular basis and entosisers intercepted on nodes. Isn’t this just a distraction so that INIT can take direly needed money moons in Syndicate? (imagine me chuckling)

If it is, I think NCPL reap a lot more achievements and treasures than CFC. Remember the day of the State of the Goonion where CONDI lost 2 dozen Rorquals, and the day after again? Or the ratting supers dying on a daily basis in Delve to PL dread bombs?

It was one battle in a war. Don’t take a system clash as a War. There is a nice video performance made by SWTOR, as many previous, which is published in time by CCP Phantom:

In my opinion, The Mittani if don’t know already is trying or should try to identify how the NC/PL building their Super Cap fleets, considering NC/PL aren’t dedicated miners and their Activity Defense Multiplier is very low. Comparing to them, Goons mined rocks for 9T/month and ratted 7T/month to rebalance Super Cap and Cap fleets during last year. If the NC/PL is able to PLEX their Super fleets than is any sense to fight vs that group? Or they are supported by someone else as is described in an old article:

… He labels them: “R” (Russians), “S” (Scandinavians), “A” (Americans), “F & G” (French and German).
“So in the beginning, this region was claimed by the Russians,” he says, tracing the blob next to the “R.” “This region was claimed by the Scandinavians,” he says, doing the same for the Scandinavian blob. “Then there were the French and Germans,” he says, tapping at the “F & G,” “and the Americans,” tapping at the “A.” “The Russians couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t conquer the regions from the Scandinavians. The game was very popular in Russia. There’s something about space and world domination — it was very inherently deep in the Russian psyche.”

The Russians kept attacking the Scandinavians, but the Scandinavians seemed to have an endless supply of ships and weaponry. The Russians couldn’t figure out how a group that wasn’t even that big within the game was able to stand its ground so well. Through weeks of espionage and sending their own people into Scandinavian and American corporations as spies, the Russians learned that the Americans were secretly funding the Scandinavians through huge supply lines.

“The Scandinavians were asking the Americans for help, and it was secret,” Pétursson says. “Nobody knew. It wasn’t until the Russians found this out that they got the French to attack the Americans, breaking the supply line. Then the Russians were able to conquer Scandinavian territory.”
This all happened within the first few months of Eve’s launch when the game only had 30,000 players. The game now has more than 500,000 players.

Good question!

But NC lost 3 Avatars in the gate camp of the year. Those Avatars was on the zKillboard’s Most Valuable Kills for two weeks…

The war of this August gone with many ‘surprise’ events, which confused not only an interested new player as I am but many specialists in null-sec politics even.

This war was named differently: The Infinity War, Casino War, North vs South (maybe linked to Game of Thrones spoilers or true ‘Civil War’), World War Reeee, WW Bee II. Based on how the war had escalated, my name version of WW Bee II is the most exact, comparing it with the events during WW Bee and CO2 split. Honestly, I imagined another escalation mode, but that isn’t interesting anymore…


  • After a long time of null-sec slumber, during the Citadel expansion, the ‘North’ revealed themselves as a new unified unofficial mega-coalition. All their battles were well synchronized between their alliances. Moreover, they were supported by many so called ‘neutral’ groups in the most crucial fights. The Reddit community is focused on naming the new CO2/Tri coalition like ‘Trioxide-Carbon’, but I think it’s time to name the new ‘North’ coalition as an entity maybe greater than CFC. They can easily cast 89 Titans and over 100 (S)Carriers in any doubtful battle.
  • The ‘South’ revealed themselves as a group of coalitions with significant interior contradictions: Red Alliance is interested more into Catch and Esoteria systems, CO2 is interested in Easters systems, southern DR Federation alliances has their own view over table.
  • The Shadow of xXDeathXx alliance CEO and DR Federation in general has better relations with Pan-Fam than with any southern alliance. I might be wrong, but the pact between them is simple: “We don’t hot drop your ratters and miners, but you help us defend the Vale”.
  • Big subcapital unprepared (unaligned) fleets are very squishy due to Doomsday or Bomber traps, but in high-sec they can be supper effective to blow up citadels (obviously having a weapon replenishment base). Big S/M/L fleets should be divided and managed by different FC over walkie-talkie.
  • Slow Titans recommended themselves very well in Low-Sec battles, due to slow TiDi timers and ability to easy escape the brawl.
  • The split in Legacy coalition, and disband of Band of Backstabers and Stainwagon alliances. The southern Feythabolis is hard to conquer if is defended, due to jump ranges, and is even harder to defend without a HD anchored there. In the end, the Legacy resources should be spent to burn Legacy resources.
  • New unofficial coalition CO2/Tri is created. Both are positioned as top PVP entities like PL.
  • The destructions of capital ships reached the level of B-R5RB period (link).


  • Why Hakonen? Why not Saranen?
  • The Goons, having the best intel and spy net in game, just let Pandemic Horde to fly Delve all around.
  • After Venal events the TEST gone invisible until Legacy split.
  • The CO2 invaded Wings Wanderers, during Legacy’s north operations. Really, why? Maybe a coalition with Goons wasn’t into CO2 plans. IDK, I just want to tell about next case. I posted a ‘WTS Nidhoggur Hunter Exoplanet SKIN for 150M’ message in local Hek chat. A guy from CO2 asked: ‘How much?’. I answered: ‘Jita median price 150M, … hmm… ok 130M’… that was minimal EVE price at the moment. He: ‘Ok, make a private contract to me’. So, after I made that self-scamming discount contract he just decided to scam that self-scamming contract next day, by rejecting it. Ok, his business reputation cost me a spit of flea - under 2M ISK. Now my contract is Public for 150M and I’ll not downgrade the price.


The ‘shadow’ invasion into Wings Wanderers’s border systems happened before Nalvula battle – during citadel brawls in Hakonen and conflict around Yokai alliance (which was well discussed on Reddit). I made a wrong conclusion, by thinking the SOLAR is going to invade Legacy systems, previously.

Large Capital Ship Battle in Nalvula

GigX Avatar Doomsdays Test’s canes in 68FT-6

Co2 vs TEST in JI-LGM

Anyway, in my opinion, the North coalition isn’t interested to invade and conquer southern regions, but they will try to put their ‘authority umbrella’ over. Southern alliances, involved in local clan clashes, will defend their positions harder now, in SOV space and null-sec NPC space.

This is a ‘dot’ in my first EVE article about Null-Sec politics and war chronology.

Fly aligned :wink: