War against Pandemic Horde and Vendetta

Hi everyone!
who want to shoot some pandemic horde or vendetta, come all to Niyabainen 1 jump from jita.
I have opened the war for alies and will pay the fee for all.

Corp: Arisha Moon Empire , there will be every day a gangfleet to kill an azbel or every second day. have fun :slight_smile: Look for the Moonpire - Plex Injector Tradehub , that will be always the objective to kill and defend.

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For putting up this hideous Depot spam in Jita and other places, you deserve to lose your market structure.

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i will not loose only one structure lol^^ i know it we all know it, come to have fun and shoot

who want to know the timers, join chatchannel: Moonpire War

Whatever your strategy is, feeding kills to PanFam will not solve the issue.

IMO it’s just too much ISK on the table, everyone willing and capable to evict Greedy Gobbins from Highsec will become the new landlord. This is the game of sov, which is won purely by numbers in highsec, thanks to CCP’s decisions.

there you have the result again… https://i.gyazo.com/612c373030b067113837392994ce30f8.png again a scamer.
guys if you dont support others and always goes only to 0% tax hubs, that will blow you… then at the end nobody will try.
how about a trade coalition? let put us together, pay together for the tradehub and trade at one hub. it is easy to compense a hub in only one day, if people trade there and dont are greedy and go to “0” tax hubs, where they are scammed at end.
i offer: let put us together and build a hub, put 0.1% tax to recover him, and use the profit to buy other hub. when recovered we can do the tax to zero, if the people stay with us and dont trade at others…

also how about this?

i tried now 3 hubs, 1 was ok i recovered the costs for it and build second, there i other scam hub put his tax to 0 and all went there… ok i though i put a third and nobody comes… but you see what happen now again

I have a strong déjà-vu … would recommend to contact Moac Tor.

what did he?

He did what you are trying to do.

and what did not work?

His market hubs were killed by PH and he gave up, when CCP changed the timers so, that you can’t have a structure online for more than 3 days in highsec, if somebody wants it destroyed.

and nobody supported him…

Only insignificant entities. Nobody wanted to fight against PanFam, and the Goons don’t care.

can you say, why the hubs, that are located 5 jumps from jita are not attacked by them? only the hubs that are 1 jump away

Maybe they are not seen as a threat to profits, because the more jumps from Jita makes offshoring inconvenient, or the owners are part of the “family” … just guessing.

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