Let work together

Hi folks,
now i see that a second hub has opened his doors and offer 0.1% (hope he will no scam as others…) and i see the no tax hub 5 jumps away from jita.
So what about if we(traders) do our own thing? Let make it easy for all of us. Let start one hub and offer each other 0%, when the hub is destroyed we open a new one and again 0% for us, for others 0.1% we need to pay for the structure, the 0.1 % is enough for it. So how about it? or we offer 0% for all and others will help us with fights etc. its no expensive only 5.5 billion invest and some fuel… but if we will be support its very easy to get the isk back. i trade round about for 1 trillion a day, i save much tax with the hubs and i think other do it same, so lets do it togther and dont launch 3 hubs at once, one by one is much better i think. so come to ingame channel Moonpire War to coordinate us.


if I could make that much in a day id drop 1 in several areas.

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