Looking for help!

I am seeking donations to raise money to start an alliance.
If you can donate 1b it’d be great. I just need enough to make the alliance. I appreciate any help and will try to pay it back later.




An alliance is going to cost you a lot more than just 1B especially in time ^_^.

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I’m pretty sure if you ask around in Jita local the fine denizens will help you out. :smirk:


Why do you need an alliance.

Also, if you cant afford 1 bill, you probably shouldnt be in the alliance to begin with.

Its like asking for people to buy you a Lamborghini. Even if someone bought you one, you wouldnt be able to afford the taxes and insurance on it, and therefore wouldnt be able to drive it or keep it.


There is no taxes or insurance on the alliance.

I dident ask for your logic, I understand the game perfectly. I am just looking for 1b isk, thanks. If you dont want to give it, kindly shut up.

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Whatever you’ve raised so far, I’ll double it.

Contact me in game and I’m sure we’ll be able to work this out to assist you.


Everything thats worth doing with an alliance, has extra costs.

I know you didnt ask. But I am.

Why do you need an alliance.

If you dont want other people chiming in on a public forums, in a public thread, asking the public for ISK, then kindly use Private messages.

So thank you for your offer of shutting up, but i will have to decline.


What if he raised 999 million Isk?

Why not ask for the isk from whatever corps are coming together. That way they all have something invested in being in the alliance.

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Why not start small? Ask Pandemic Legion whether you can borrow theirs for a while; they are not using it much and could probably use a bit of extra income.

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Here you go. A nice shiny 1 ISK coin for your little project.

Good luck.

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Didn’t want that alliance SRP anyway.

Technically that is not a question though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh boy, lot to unpack here.

  1. No, you asked us for our money. If you expect people to hand over their isk, be prepared for a couple questions.
  2. clearly you don’t understand the game perfectly. If you did you wouldn’t need to beg for a billion isk just to waste it on an alliance that you don’t even remotely need yet.
  3. telling anyone with questions to shut up is a sure fire way to talk yourself out of donations.

Questions have a ? at the end. Telling someone “go blah blah” is not a question. If he would of asked “why do you need it” i would of replied kindly and respectfully to him, but instead he came here trolling telling me what i can or cannot do.

he deserved that reaction (as does anyone who follows the path he did)

Was that a thought out statement? how easy is it for a new toon to make isk?

And coming to a thread and trolling someone for no other reason to be a jerk is a good way to get told “shut up”.

The reaction he got was perfectly natural, and should be respected.

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Send the donation to me and I will double it.


Oh :deer: god


Questions do not necessarily require a question mark at the end, and I didnt know we were being so formal. But if it makes you feel better.

Why do you need an alliance?

Not a troll, and I didnt tell you what you can or cannot do. I told you why you probably shouldn’t make an alliance if you can’t afford the simple fee of 1 bill.

Yeah, asking you why you need the isk is unheard of. Man I was such a jerk!

Funny, no one seems to agree with you about this.

But I’m nice, so let’s put all of this under the rug.

I’ll ask again, and let’s start over.

Why do you need an alliance?(question mark)

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Clearly, you all need to shut up and just give him the ISK he asked for…