Looking for help!

Please excuse my interjection, but are you planning on planting any structures?

No, we are not.

I see.

Good Luck with your alliance!

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Good attempt, pleb. Get smarter.

So why do you need an alliance?

Presumably for status

Makes sense. And makes even more sense that someone else should pay for it.

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OP is a former BoB guy that is pissed because Goons and friends destroyed BoB and now are controlling EvE. OP is determined to destroy Goons and EvE online. I am sure this will end well.

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  1. Bob is still alive
    2.Goons did not destroy crap
    3.Goons do not control anything, thy sit i their corner like good little kids because they are scared and know that for once in eve’s history they are close to being deleted, since the cfc has got ejected from the north, they have been scared little mice.

Yes, they have power, yes they probably wont die soon, but that does not in any means make them the “controlls of eve”.

Goons have never done anything for this game, send 10b to prove they do anything useful to this game other wise they are just scum that talk crap.

Good Scum.

ps. flagged off topic.

Why do you need an alliance?
How many corps will be in your alliance?
Can each corp sustain paying their share into the alliance?

  1. We would like an alliance to control our destiny in the game (we want to change eve like red frog did, or something more significant). our population is not interested in conforming to what has become “traditional rule sets” or “traditional thinking”. We dont require pvp, and do not want to do so. By default this is something that violates almost ever alliance out there, and the ones it does not, either have a goal direction opposed to ours, wants to live in space we do not, or is not motivated or experienced enough to progress at a rate that is acceptable.

Additionally even if they meet these requirements they are often building internal structures that i personally do not agree with (or have ever seen work), ie democratic voting based systems.

lastly, we urgently want it for the purpose of simply association and interaction.

  1. Not known yet, but the intent is to recruit others with like minded values.

  2. Potentially. I can afford to pay our part but that would basically leave me with no isk, and being a new toon i do not have the ability to pay for the alliance (nor will i for a few months) hence why i was asking for help.

And this cannot be done by a corp… why?

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I know your a slow one, but put those two brain cells to use there, smart guy. i bet you wont even have to type a reply.

Are you really so desperate for my attention? Sounds like you need hugs.

Talks like a tough man, begs like a little boy.




This seems like a non-answer.

I ask this because your answer to “why do you need an alliance” sounds like something that doesnt require an alliance to do.

Which I was correct in deducing.

I love hugs. But come on down to the market discussion forums where this topic really should’ve belonged in, and you’ll see we are always critical of people who ask for isk. I’m also very active there too.

Also check out the new citizens Q&A forums as well. Again, im always active there too, because I love to help people out.

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Spend $20 of real money to buy Plex. Sell Plex. You’ve got your start up Isk.

If you aren’t willing to spend $20, then you aren’t serious about your plan.

How hard was that?


This is my favorite thread

Also, just read this.


Were doing just fine, thank you.

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Goons, are not doing just fine.
Original leader knew how much scum you were and disbanded.
Mittens up and left you because he eventually realized it, after he cried to me in pm when i pleaded with him to turn goons into something useful and productive in eve.
You lost most of your bandwagon buddies.
Your population activity rates are dismal no where near the 35k you have online (other wise eve would have more online).

If i had to guess i’d imagine your online population is no more then 1500-2000 which makes you a standard alliance at best.
Then you come and throw around nonsense to make people not check the fake that your basically dead.
dont give me that crap, goon scum. I long for the day that you are disbanded and the period of tie were all of eve will awox, abuse, and scam anyone with a goon tag.
Those will be the days of justice, and the days eve will start to recover from the stain of stupidity you left upon it, only to have a legacy of being a joke alliance.

most of all one who could not afford to give 1b to someone trying to make a high sec alliance.