Looking for alliance

my friends and I are looking for an alliance that this alts corp can join before we drop current corp. we are PvE oriented however we do make most of our income in wormholes… we would like an alliance that already has an established TS3 server or discord for comms. and also 0% or very low tax. If your alliance would take us in, please mail me in game under this name. ( our corp will be changing owners once we are accepted into alliance)

So to clarify…

You Don’t want to pay taxes
You Don’t PVP
You don’t actually contribute anything to an alliance
You want someone else to pay for voice comms and use them
You won’t even be in their Nullsec raising indexes?

I’m sorry I’m having a hard time wondering why you want to join an alliance or expect them to let you join them wwhile giving nothing in return? Tit for Tat.


Actually, I did mention discord… Which is free. I also didn’t say that we were not willing to pay taxes…I also said that we make most of our money in wormholes, which screams that we are willing to PvP despite the rare nature of our home run victories. “So to clarify…”, everything that you stated above, was a wrong assumption on your part. But, I’ll still give you a gold star for trying. Have a nice day

If you’re going to look for an alliance, you need to be clear in what you can offer, you failed to do that hence this chat isn’t spammed with offers.

I don’t really care, but if you want meaningful offers to form people who might not use English as their first language or don’t get what you’re after/can offer then you’re going to narrow your options massively and as a corp representative that’s really bad.

Best of luck, hope you find what you’re looking for, as vague as it is.

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