Casual PvP Corp looking for Alliance

Hey Eve,

Returning player here, I’m looking to put my corporation into an alliance. The corp, Maneuver, is just myself and my alts.

I bring a lot to the table as far as game knowledge and memes.

Looking for a laid back group of people to fly with, comms are a must. I play part-time, on and off so I’m not really interested in wars, citadels or sov.

I’m open to HS, LS, NPC Null or Thera. Thera is OP btw <3 chances are I’m going to try and persuade you to move to Thera haha.

No Sov or WHs please.

Hey mate,

You should take a look at Dead Terrorists if WH is your thing. They live in a C3 with C5 and 0.0 static. Regular roaming fleets as well as whaling Ops. Fantastic bunch of chilled laid back guys.

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