Request - New Feature: Alliance Tax

I’d like to rally our EvE Online Players for a strong voice.

Q: Why?
A: To get CCP to implement adding “Alliance Tax” on top of “Corp Tax” in game.

Im hopping this will make it easier for alliances to focus on more important issues as members instead of more paperwork. helping a new alliance with its “SRP” or “Build Goals”.

I have tons of ideas to improve life in eve.
I am a firm believer of having all tools to work more effectively.

Work less, Play more.

Alliance tax could be good.

And shameless lp tax plug.

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How about we get that corp and alliance rebalance they talked about back when they started the Upwell introduction!!!

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Adding Alliance tax, would as i see it save a couple of alliances from burning out the leadership.
Eve’s 2 biggest issues in my perspective is Burnout & finding Players to create “living content”.

I believe CCP have a Covert team working on Corp re-balance, but they are most likely going to ignoring Alliance, sadly its where most work exists that needs better tools.

*Hint to CCP
It will most likely be added after the Drilling platform is added & before the Gate Citadels,
“with a Office/Survaillance citadel, maybe it have no weapons & can dock Supers & Titans in a Large. Looking like a vertical minmatar looking wall/pillar.”

CCP Seagull has stated many times, that they are working/looking at ways to make income for for groups bottom up vs top down as it is now.

Hence why moon mining is changing so much.
There is about 3-4 years of hints that you have to piece together.

Good idea. The problem that alliance is not a proper ‘code’ structure. Alliance doesn’t have own wallet. It is a wallet of executing corporation. So there is no way to make right to access ‘alliance wallet’ to members of another corporations within same alliance.
Same as no way to make alliance bookmarks.
But they can overhaul and refactor all code. And it will take a lot of human/hours.

What I already asked about is ‘custom bills’. For example - alliance has a tax, 2m (or 25, 50, 100) per person who stays in nullsec. Just because there is only tax for bounty means other members how just mine ores and running relics are not paying at all! So, in that case, why person can not make autopayable bill money can be trasfered to corporation (or Player’s) wallet automaticaly.

Also, what I want - corporation trade tax. If we have a bounty tax, why can’t we set another transaction tax so corporation can get tax from carebears who are not shooting NPCs. Fair enough?


  1. Alliance taxes.
  2. Extra corporation taxes (for transactions, market sell only).
  3. Custom bills.
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