A new idea of taxes

I try to expose my idea.
the taxes on eve have risen and we are adapting, but the main problem is the taxes dedicated to the corporations.

my proposal to the CCP is:

  • allow corporations to increase revenue not only with certain types of PVE, but with every activity. to date, those who have a station require the payment of a fee to use some services, those who do not have a station by choice or because of the impossibility, can increase the finances of their corporation, only by doing PVE.
    my proposal wants:

  • allow the corporation to establish, individually, the taxes for: sales to NPC and player markets (if desired, also specifying different taxes based on the type of item / ship sold), PVE.

  • corporation taxes, for example in the player’s sales to the market, affect the taxes of NPC stations which decrease by a certain percentage.

for example:
currently a player pays about 12% tax if he sells a product.
with the introduction of this system, with a corporation tax of 4% (market corp tax) , the player would sell the items, paying 8% to the NPC and 4% to his corp.

naturally programmers should give limits to players on the setting of taxes in the various fields, establishing ranges: 0%, 2.5%, 3.5%, 4.5%, 5% for example.

if the corporation decided to set the sales tax at 15%, the NPC would continue to take about 12% of the tax and the corporation the additional 15% (27% total), resulting in a “bad reputation of the corporation”.

my proposal goes to implement the “passive” earnings of corporations and to increase their competition, playing on taxes.
it also wants to widen the possibility of revenues to increase the long-term projects of the corporations, for example the laying of new stations, generating even greater market movements.

certainly CCP can also impose parameters to have this type of benefits (even if my idea is more democratic, that is, for everyone), however, evaluating that the proposal is made to help small corporations grow as well.

provo a esporre una mia idea.
le tasse su eve sono aumentate e ci adeguiamo, ma il problema principale sono le tasse dedicate alle corporazioni.

la mia proposta alla CCP è:

  • permettere alle corporazioni di aumentare le entrate non solo con certi tipi di PVE, bensì con ogni attivitĂ . ad oggi chi ha una stazione richiede il pagamento di una tassa per usufruire di alcuni servizi, chi non dispone per scelta o per impossibilitĂ  di una stazione, può far crescere le finanze della propria corporazione, solo facendo PVE.
    la mia proposta vuole:

  • permettere alla corporazione di stabilire ,singolarmente, le tasse per: vendite ai mercati NPC e player (volendo anche specificando tassazioni diverse in base al genere di item/ship venduta) , PVE.

  • le tasse di corporazione, ad esempio nelle vendite del player al mercato, influenzano le tasse delle stazioni NPC che diminuiscono di una certa percentuale.

per esempio:
attualmente un player paga se vende un prodotto, circa il 12% di tasse.
con l’introduzione di questo sistema, con una tassazione di corporazione al 4% (market corp tax), il player venderebbe gli oggetti, pagando l’8% all’NPC e il 4% alla propria corp.

naturalmente i programmatori dovrebbero dare dei limiti ai player sull’impostazione delle tasse nei diversi campi, stabilendo delle fasce: 0%, 2,5%,3,5%,4,5%,5% ad esempio.

se la corporazione decidesse di impostare la tassa sulle vendite al 15%, l’NPC continuerebbe a prendere il 12% circa di tasse e la corporazione il 15% aggiuntivo (27% totale), determinando uno “cattiva reputazione della corporazione”.

la mia proposta va a implementare i guadagni “passivi” delle corporazioni e ad aumentarne la concorrenza, giocando sulle tasse.
inoltre vuole allargare la possibilitĂ  di entrate per aumentare i progetti a lungo termine delle corporazioni, ad esempio la posa di nuove stazioni, generando anche maggiori movimenti di mercato.

certo CCP può anche imporre dei parametri per avere questo tipo di benefici (anche se la mia idea è più democratica, ossia per tutti), valutando tuttavia, che la proposta è fatta per aiutare a crescere anche le piccole corporazioni.

We don’t need more incentives for shitlords to create newbie traps.


Yeah. And we don’t need more tangled fishing line rules and the implementing Rube Goldberg code.

You can do this today by demanding Wallet ESI Authorization from all corp members, then computing the additional tax you wish to levy upon your members based on their activity, then send then their tax bill through Eve Mail, and then politely remind them as they continuously fail to pay their liability.

Is this what is stopping you from doing it today? Because if so, then this all seems like a ploy to try to recruit others into doing just this so that you have a “plausible excuse” smokescreen to fend off against a – well-earned, IMO – bad reputation. Most people will simply set the corporate taxes to 0% and that’s a whole feature full of software engineering time and $ essentially killed off by the playerbase except the few “corporation with bad reputation”.

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“bad reputation” is an ineffective ideological sense of the game.
0% can also be eliminated.
mine is just an idea, because I believe that the corporation can make more, income, through the taxation of everything that the game allows you to do, rather than a one-off per month or just the PVE.

Are you a Corp owner?

Also, if you want to make more money from your members, then make it a Corp rule that they have to sell everything to the Corp at 5% below market value rather than selling to the player market.

Kinda wonder how long your Corp membership will last tho…

Selling goods on the market already is taxed, no need for additional taxes.

Now if you wanted corporations to be able to tax the currently untaxed contracts you might have a good point, but alliances themselves can already deal with that as mine has by asking members to (voluntarily) donate a small percentage of sale income that happens via the internal marketplace.

To your second point:
Turning part of the NPC taxes into corporation taxes is just a simple tax reduction for players who have their own corporation (and thus pay corporation tax to themselves). Bad idea.

If corporations start taxing market sales, people will just transfer items to alts and sell them that way.

The easiest corporate tax (if one is even necessary as not all corporations have welfare programs like SRP) would be to keep it at 0% and simply ask players to contribute a set amount of money based on their SP amount every month.

A “dues paid” window in the corporate interface would be much quicker and easier to program.

my idea was not about additional taxes, but just the change in the corporation tax system. thanks for your comment

I had not thought about it, thanks for your comment

ESI it’s not a very easy system to use, at least for those who don’t have technology skills …

anyway thanks

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