i purpose that NPC tax rate is increased from the current 11% to 75% as the current system is not making players interact with each other as the majority of highse players are remaining in the NPC corps for months and years avoiding any player interaction what so ever and yes i am a wardeccer and yes i want to shoot them all


Asked and answered (your own question). If WarDec’d players just leave a new corporation or logoff until the WarDec is over. So I’m not sure how your proposal solves anything…

If you want to create more player interaction get rid of neutral logistics and overhaul both the bounty and WarDec system.


Yeah more jailbait err punching bag ehh tax Haven corps for newbros to end up in,
that’d help.


This was my favorite part. :rofl:


lol, sometimes I roll alts just so I can be in an NPC corp where the chat can be pretty lively.

That said, having every single character in EVE each in it’s own 1-man corp does sound like a pretty good idea. I’m glad you had it.


I argue the contrary: People in NPC corps interact more with each other because there are not only more people in these corps, which makes the corp chat more active, they can also play with less frustration and less hassle and are therefore happier using EVE.

I would also argue that you have not the slightest interest in their interaction at all because war dec groups generally do not interact. They shoot and neither respond well to questions nor inquiries about anything related to the war. And then they mock and belittle their “targets”. Many “big time war dec groups” also completely ignore the biggest player groups (CONDI namely) because they are too expensive to war dec. So much for your player interaction argument.


What happened, Sear? Finally managed to get banned in every single NPSI community and blacklisted in every corporation? Now desperately looking for spoon-fed content elsewhere?

Salty wardeccer tears? :rofl:


Btw your proposed solution wouldn’t solve anything as players can hop between corps or recreate them to avoid decs or just not sign in for a bit or fly where you won’t look for them or play on their alt(s) for a while.

They may even only engage in activities (with the above in mind if nothing else during the war) which does not require undocking such as trading, research, manufacturing and so on while can use neutral haulers to do the moving if need to.

Tax only applies to bounties and mission running anyway so it wouldn’t affect miners and haulers just to name a few. I think it also doesn’t affect traders either.


Funny it isnt the tax rate that is the biggest issue from NPCs. It is the lack of research and reprocessing abilities that dont SUCK.

I mean really. The difference between using a privately owned citadel vs a NPC station for reprocessing is huge. Then you have the ability to manufacture faster, cheaper and research things and make copies of BPs. That is where the interactions start.

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11% tax rate was enough for me to leave and make my one man corp.

Why, this would make the ‘sandbox’ not a sandbox anymore. You can’t stand the fact that people are enjoying the game the way they want? lolz


while we are at it, lets make corporation fees higher to avoid the war time corp jumpers and hit tax dodgers that want to just make a 1 man corp to avoid taxes with a corp maintenance fee.

it would be great tears from the incursion community

If “avoiding player interaction” equal to “not getting killed just after undock” then 75% sound a good compromise.

Why don’t we call this thread what it really is:
“Why high-sec doesn’t make it effortless for me to part all those tasty ships from their unsuspecting owners” or “I want the old Watchlist back”.

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He is talking about the corp tax, not the tax on facilities, the 10% of your bounties that end up in the corp wallet of the NPC corp you’re part of :stuck_out_tongue:

This is useless. People are broken. Raising taxes would not help.

I am all for a higher NPC tax on bounties.

75% is a bit extreme imo.
Id sign a 25-50% NPC corp tax.

I think its a reasonable offset for wardec immunity.
The NPC Corp wants 25-50% of your income for handling that for you.

Id also raise NPC corp related costs on everything else.

If I had my way Id also add a NPC Corp tax on members that accept and complete courier contracts, to deincentivize unwardeccable cargo transport.

Hell, just make it so that if you are in a NPC Corp, ALL isk that enters your wallet (no matter from where), is automatically pre-taxed at some rate.

If you dont like that, get out of NPC Corp.

Still doesn’t change my statement. Most of the reasons to be part of a corp is access to privately owned stations, that have much better research and reprocessing rates.

Wont change anything, people would create individual corps and just bounce between them when wardecced.


Ofc it would.
Players would be much less likely to stay in NPC corps.

Would you stay in an NPC Corp that taxes you 25-50% on all isk that enters your wallet?