CCP Rattati Suggested A Fantastic Change: Alliance/Corps ability to Tax other Income Streams

There is a lot of animosity regarding the recent Dev winter twitch talk stream, which is honestly overblown. There was a lot of useful information and tidbits given that shows a direction where they want to the game to go, regardless, if we agree or not. However, there were two changes mentioned briefly that would assist in reviving a few content areas.

CCP Rattati/Swift briefly spoke about improving the UI on how corporations functionality of the tax revenue system is grossly under utilized. It starts at 1:04 (Twitch). CCP Rattati said " I want all corporations to be able to tax across all of the activities" and then said “This is worst thing advertise a tax ledger for corporation CEO’s”. It’s the opposite, this is necessary and helps smaller alliances/corporations grow from ground up Timestamp: 1 hour and 5 minutes in.

This system, Rattati suggested should increase in functionality to not just raw isk formats of corp revenue generation, but other forms of income streams such as loyalty points. Many people have been asking for an increase of diversity of the ways corps/alliance tax their members, which Rattati described as not a pretty topic, but it’s necessary one to make smaller organizations/corps/alliances grow off the ground. For years, corps and alliances have to rely on third party technology to tax moon revenue, loot, and other forms of isk making generation. It takes a lot of outside man power and a lot of smaller organizations/alliance don’t have the capability or people to do that.

For example, many smaller corporations in faction warfare do not have a way to tax their alliance or corp members through avenues that are not just from ratting tics. Loyalty points are a form of currency used within FW that should be able to be taxed so the corp/alliance can use that income to reinvest into it’s members to grow their group fueling new growth in eve. There are many ways for individual members to make isk, but there is only one sink for how a corporation can make isk. Increasing the funnel size will increase the growth for smaller groups to become larger and grow more. Corporations will be able to afford SRP, invest in infrastructure, and more by increasing this sink size. It is a reasonable change that would offer sizeable difference to the smaller-medium gang type of play style that has been suffering as of late.

What are your thoughts?


Taxing LP in FW has been an issue people have talked about for a long time, and one that nearly every corp and alliance leader I’ve ever talked to about it wants. The big problem is that LP can’t be taxed like isk, because the way it’s coded doesn’t allow for that. That’s always been a major block to this idea. But I stead of kicking the can down the road, or trying to fix one system here and one system there, let’s cut to the heart of the issue:

We need a rework of the entire mission and LP system in Eve.

Outside of adding burner missions, I don’t think there’s ever been any real, needed work on missions for longer than I’ve played the game.

CCP have done a TON of work on the NPE side of Eve lately, but lots of people enjoy the PvE side of things as well, not just pvp and industry, and that drives them to stay as well. Sure events and the Trig stuff was really PvE focussed, but it’s time to actually work on the real mechanics of missioning and LP, instead of tacking on more stuff.



It’s just the same outlandish troll on a new character.


wouldn’t surprise me really… i’ve seen other trollish posts made by that char.

but if its something that is actually happening, that would make a difference in our USIA business.

He’s been using several characters and they’re easy to recognise.

Here you go:

1 hour and 4 minutes in.

I have no idea what you are talking about. My toon is over 12 years old and have been active on forums for a long time.

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The main idea isn’t the missions, but creating new forms of revenue for alliances and corps.

Oh we’re not talking about you :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s the troll we reacted to.



I see, I was very confused. Well thank you for your support though! I was like huh! I appreciate your clarification.


Do you know 100% that it’s the way it has been coded it cannot be taxed?

Any change that interrupts the steady rhythm of green text appearing next to the Neocom’s wallet button is going to be met with loud porcine squealing.

Don’t kid yourself—the “PvE” is nothing more than a cracker-based delivery mechanism for the fancy gourmet cheese that is mindless consumerism-driven wealth accumulation fostered by third-world slave labor and the mass-media reprogramming of our natural human instincts.


I would say, but lacking experience in this as I don’t do leadership in FW, that instead of trying to make it work in the current FW mechanics (which are terrible) to first completely overhaul FW itself and its income streams and then look at taxation.

It might just be that an FW overhaul makes the whole taxation issue moot and solve it all in one go.

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It would require a lot more time to overhaul FW than to implement this change, which should be done across eve. Not just FW. This idea of alliances/corps taxes alternative forms of income is important.

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yea that figures, the one time reply to someone, it doesn’t show their name in the right hand part of the box… so you just got the notification that I replied to your topic without context… so i apologize for that. but the person i replied to will see that i replied to them specifically.

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Sounds good to me. Especially a big Yes for moon mining taxes. Can’t be so hard in coding. It could be similar to PI POCO taxes, not?

CCP rattati come with fantastic ideas… only issue is then doubling down and pull them back… I am still sad with this last mining updated update.

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What I was interested in more than anything else was the suggestion of bufffing BS’s because I have felt that they have been too weak for so long.

I think a radical idea would be leaving 1-4 alone, as a way to generate some ISK in a relatively risk free way.

Players can use it as a fallback or accept lesser risk for lesser payout.

Instead add harder group missions sort of like anomics, more reward/risk/loot. Of course peeps could just multi box it, but you can’t really help that.

You could add some bells and whistles to make it a bit harder, like each ship has to be a unique hull in the anom and such.

Of course I’m biased, but I’d copy the current winter event. HS the least payout, NS mid and low actually the best.

It’d also encourage peeps to run in low which would hopefully help piracy out.