Loyalty Point Corporation Tax, a corporate income discussion

This has been something i’ve thought about for a while, most corporations in NPC null and FW lowsec have little to no corporate or alliance level income now that moons require active mining and anything that isnt an R64 isnt worth mining in a subcap (Rorqs OP aswell btw) This has taken away the ability of smaller alliances and corporations to offer bonuses or incentives to their members, such as ship replacement programs.

I propose that player corporations have a Loyalty point section in the corp wallet, just like players have in the journal, and the tax rate that is applied to bounties is also applied to any Loyalty Points earned, perhaps make this a toggleable action aswell for corporations that do not want to tax loyalty points.

If anyone else has a better suggestion, a workaround that i’m just not seeing or improvements please don’t hesitate to post below.


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