Adding "Loyalty Points" to the Corporation Projects "Contribution Method"

Considering taxing Loyalty points is a new feature with the Viridian expansion.
Considering Corporation Projects is a new feature wht the Viridian expansion.

It would be nice to have the Loyalty Points being an automatic contricution method for tracking.

After all, I guess that a lot of player corps will want to fucus on some NPC corps for their LP store transaction.
For example, if a player a corp, have a program to help their new recruits to skill up with Minmatar weapons, it would be easier for the management if most of the LP from Minmatar NPC security corps would come from Brutor Tribe, than if the LPs are scathered accross all the Minmatar NPC security branch corps (plus, in this pariticular example, knowingly or not newer players would work on their standing with Brutor Tribe, which may help them if/when they want to do the Epic arcs for Minmatar.)

Or a player corp focusing on mining may similarly want to focus their LP coming from a specific NPC mining corp to help with mining implants for their new recruits. Or any similar tactics a player corp may have.

Currently in the Corporation Projects, it seems like the only way to track LPs is manual tracking by one(s) with role to create the projects… as long as they have read access to the corporation wallet LP (if that is even a thing. I’m a bit new to corp management, so I’m missing on some knowledge on capability and limitations regarding roles.

So, for connecting the dots withing this expansion, and for ease of management for the player corporations, it would be nice if the loyalty points were being automatically tracked.

What really grinds my gears is the 300 LP or so with 5 different corporations that i may never do a mission for again that just bloats the wallet :smiley: I know its a first world problem but still

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Yeah, and if players could donate LP to the corp, they could transfer that “problem” to the corp and clean up their own wallet in the process :smiley:
I guess that’s another feature request to something that could have been implemented with this expansion.


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