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I’m writing this idea drunkenly (which is always off to a good start for great ideas considering Silicon Valley ideas). There’s no way of enforcing retention if this were to work out (given current in-game mechanics and technical controls), but what would you guys think of sign-on bonuses for players joining certain corporations or alliances? Obviously, the corps or alliances want you, but I guess the big question is what’s the incentive of keeping you in the alliance/corp after the sign-on bonus has been transmitted? I’m quite sure I’m going to receive a lot of flak for trying to synchronize real-world sign-on bonuses with in-game, but if the talent is strong enough, why not?

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No. You are going to get a lot of flak for not checking to see if there is a mechanic like you are suggesting in the game already.

You know all those corps spamming you to join them? They offer a one million SP bonus (or something like that) for it.

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I think it’s a good idea but you can’t force corporations to give incentives, they have to want to do it themselves.
That 1 million SP that Epeen mentioned is a cheap substitute that doesn’t cost the corporations anything. And it’s no incentive when you know you can get the SP as a solo player as well.
I haven’t joined a corporation and don’t think I will. I won’t be paying for a game where other players tell me what to do.
I may join one if the incentive is enticing. A billion isk could be the start of negotiations.

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A good corporation is like a good place to work at. If the culture is nontoxic and you are appreciated for being a part of the group, that’s reward enough. No bonus is worth being a part of a corporation where the CEO is a slave driver that demands you play the game his or her way, and where the corpmates look down at you for not “gitting gud” fast enough.

I was approached by one corporation rep (who will remain nameless) who offered me 100 million ISK to join, but the catch was I had to move out of highsec space and become more involved in PvP. I also had to install Discord, an application I absolutely hate using (I miss the days of Teamspeak and Ventrilo), and make time for comm meetings no matter what.

I decided to go SOHO and start my own little tax-shelter of a corporation.

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Sign on bonuses to join corporations and alliances… I do not think this is a good idea.

The draw to join a corporation should be because the corporation should be able to offer you something. A community, ISK opportunities, knowledge, fleet members for your preferred activity, things that make being a part of that corporation good as long as you’re a part of the corporation.

A bonus for joining corporations is not a good incentive as it only draws people to join corporations, not stay in them. Let me show you how:

In Warframe you have similar groups called ‘clans’. Access to certain equipment is locked behind being in one of these clans. What players then do (myself included) is to go to the recruitment channel, find one of the many recruiting clans, join one -because it does not really matter what you join as long as they have the blueprints you need- and then wait until you can access those blueprints the day after.

Now you’ve got your blueprints, you can immediately leave the corporation again as they don’t really offer anything else apart from ‘people to talk to’.

As a result the groups are endlessly recruiting new members which keep coming in and going out, just because the majority is not really interested in the groups itself but in the rewards for joining.

EVE corporations are some of the best guilds/clans/corporations I’ve seen in the many games I’ve played. And that’s because people are actually working together in space and have all the tools to do so.

I would not wish that to diminish because someone wants sign-up rewards for joining a corporation.

All you would get is many alts joining many corporations as a way to make ISK.


Surely any such bonus would have to counter the reverse situation, where ‘corporation tax’ takes a percentage of ISK from ratting, etc. Some sort of mechanic has to actually pay for a corp…whether it be that or donations.

I’ve always offered a 15 billion ISK sign-on bonus for my employees.

I have some… friends that may be interested in joining. Where do I, um, they sign up?

Corporate recruitment is currently on hold due to the clear and present danger of the severe threats being made against my life and very existence in New Eden.

I somehow missed that post, that’s hilarious. And sad.

There’s more than one.

I’ve been getting tailed by shadow operatives this entire week. I can’t even mine for fifteen minutes without getting observed.

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