I find it hard to commit to a Corporation. What are some tips you can give me for sticking with them?

I find it hard to commit to a corp. I’m a loner by nature and I’m not used to helping people with there stuff.

Whenever I join a corp they are either:

  1. in a war, and I can’t go to jita without being ganked.

  2. need me to fit and fly something I don’t have the skills or isk for

  3. have some some thing they are doing that I don’t have the skills or isk for.

  4. they kick me out because they think i’m going to steal all their stuff.

  5. they are really new, and they are never on.

or some other reason.

I don’t know, it just seems that something happens that makes me want to leave, or gets me kicked out.

I understand that it might be me who is the problem, but I don’t know.

Its just… every time I join a corp, it always seems like there’s complications that make the game not fun.

What tips can you give me to stick with them?

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One obvious solution is to set up your own corporation. You can then pick and choose your own companions. If not, the only obvious advantage to having your own corporation is that it at least lets you set up your own structures, like a moon refinery.

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Well, yes, this is true. but it would also make me a target for gankers.

Plus, I would be terrible at running a corp.

But thank you for the advice, anyway.

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Yeah, I get that. I’m a solo player with my own corporation. And under those conditions … there is no “running” to be done !

As for “ganking”, I was wardecced once, but nothing happened. And all you do anyway (if you have to) is go back to an NPC corp and then set up another corp. Only costs 1M (?) per time.

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Just keep going to corp’s till you find a good one :], eventually you will find a corp that suit’s you that ask’s what you can fly and find’s a way to give you a roll in that pvp fleet.

For income that is really something you need to sort out on your own, but some corp’s do own decent moon’s which are nice to mine.

Don’t worry about War, it’s one of those thing’s that are devastating if you don’t know how to counter it but it means nothing once you have already planned for it, make a jita trading/hauling alt that is out of corp and hence can never be war decked and use this alt to move your loot to jita to sell or even use red frog freight if it’s too heavy. This way your main never has to leave low/null and you will never bump into war target’s.

If you wan’t to fit into any fleet quickly, spec into electronic frig’s their e-war is super useful in any situation and blend’s into any fleet and is super quick to train into.

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Find a good corp instead of the tyrannical and/or lame ones. Keep hopping until you find one.

Always have neutral (NPC corp) alts for hauling for example to go to Jita and such.

Btw what are you looking for in a corp? Might help provide better suggestions if we know what is your goal of joining and being in a corporation.

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The thing with #1 is that is going to be a problem with many corps. Even those who aren’t decced now will be someday. The big alliances are all basically permanently in wars. You just have to use out of corp alts for trade hubs and moving stuff through high sec.

Really good corps help you with 2-3. I had about a billion in isk a year and a half ago when I started with my current corp. They gave really good advice and help with earning isk (which also earned the corp isk). I’m now making around 5-10b a month. Getting into ships or other activities really isn’t a problem these days.

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  1. Have neutral alts. That’s something I have to deal with all the time being in Faction Warfare, I can’t go to any highsec areas due to low sec status, but it’s not a big deal because we have pretty much free to cheap shipping from Jita to lowsec.
  2. Good corporations that are new player friendly will also have new player fittings, be sure to ask your corp mates where you can find them.
  3. Similar to point #2, good new player corporations will allow pilots of all skill levels to join fleets, I know that’s the way it works in my alliance.
  4. If they kick you out because of paranoia, it’s 95% of the time their fault, but also make sure you don’t do anything that would cause paranoia.
  5. A good new player corp will have a mix of veterans AND new players, and will always have active players on.
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