What is the best way to get people on a corp

I am a new player and am having trouble getting people on my corp. what should I do? so fair it has only had people help me which most of their ideas did not work for me.

[p.s if you want to know were it is look up in corps for the dragon warriors or tdk]

You have to be able to provide something to your new members.
Safe space, low tax, security, structures and so on…
Its very hard for a new player to make a corporation and get people joining right away.

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It’s taken me months upon months of hardcore recruiting to get to where we are.

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Why would anybody want to join a corp?

Player created corporations “usually” have lower tax%.
You also have structures that offer greater bonuses than NPC structures.
If you are PVP player, you have other people to fleet up with.

When I want to fleet up, I just find @Aiko_Danuja . She doesn’t make me join her corp.

If I care about taxes, I can just create a one-man corp.

Yeah structures, I guess.

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I like Aiko because she’s so friendly and we have a lot of fun together.

Well… if Aiko lets you use her structure without joining her corp then that should work too :point_right:

Two words: values and focus.

Values: You don’t want just anyone to join. You want to fly with people you can enjoy flying with. Saying you’re “like-minded” isn’t enough, what are you like-minded about? What’s your corp working towards together?

Focus: You’ll want to concentrate on a small set of activities on a specific timezone. Corps that do everything will have trouble getting good at what they’re doing and recruiting folks – as well as retaining the members they get as everyone will drift into different directions.

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