How to easy recruit people for my corporation and how to basic manage it

Hey guys.
I just made a corporation and I really have no f***ing idea of how to recruit people in a little bit large quantities.
Apart of that, I really would like to know how to do basic management of my corporation and al the basic stuff in general.
(I’m not native Anglo speaking, so, pardon me for my bad redactation)

Well first thing is to post here with an alt, as many griefers look into forums for new corps to war Dec… Also feel free to send me in game mail with any question

This is a big question to answer.

As for recruitment, I think you’ll find that there is no easy way to do it. Corp recruitment is one of those things where you get out what you put in. It takes work.

There are a number of ways you can advertize. You can create an ad for the in-game recruitment tool and share it in the recruitment chat channels. There is a recruitment section of these forums. There are third party sites like

You will find that you need to spread ads around, bump them every day, etc. If you have a blog or a youtube channel you can use those as recruitment materials too. If you put work into this, hours and hours of work, people will trickle in.

As for how to manage your corporation, that entirely depends on what you want your corporation to do, what it’s purpose is, so maybe you should elaborate on that and we can help you.

Bear in mind that running a corporation is extremely challenging, especially for a new player who doesn’t understand the game all that well. It is not an casual undertaking that anyone can do. If you aren’t ready for it, you will have a bad time, and your members will too. I don’t want to discourage you too much - very successful corporations have been led by clueless newbies before, but in most cases it is a bad idea.

I will make one suggestion though - go to your corp wallet, go to the “shares” tab, and transfer all the shares to your personal wallet. This will protect you from hostile takeovers by your members.

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It’s not going to be as easy to wardec as before.

If you don’t have any f***ing idea why people would want to join your corp how can any of us help? A corp with no idea what it’s doing is exactly the kind of corp I’d advise people to not join.

Okay, thank you, I’ll be sending you an e mail when I’m able to

Thanks for all that info, I’ll follow your advice

It’s a question coming from a new player, I want to make a corporation for me and some friends of mine, but I also want to learn more about the game mechanics including corporation stuff.

I just finished a long post about this in another topic, but I find you to be a little bit disingenuous.

In your first post, you ask how to recruit other players into your corp. A “little bit” large quantity of players(whatever that means).

In this post, youre telling us that you want to make a corporation for yourself and some of your friends.

Those two ideas dont mix well. The thing is, your friends will tolerate more from you than complete strangers will.

If youre making a corp just for your friends to hang out in and fool around, go ahead. You dont need a lot of experience and knowledge and wealth for that, because youre among friends, and you know what you expect of them, and they you. Everyone will see each other as equals, and no one will look towards you as a leader and expect you to lead them.

If youre making a corp and want to actively recruit other players into it, then youre just going to make a mess of things and potentially(Read: Almost always) ruin the fun. They will look to you to lead them, and you will lead them off a cliff. Its the blind leading the blind, and that almost never ends well.

So my advice is, get your priorities straight, and then decide if you want to start a corp for your friends, or are seriously considering starting a corp and recruiting strangers into it.

If its the latter, you will need more experience. Its not a good idea for you as a new player to do this.

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I’m going to clarify a thing, it will be first just be for me and my friends, but we are looking forward to have a fully operational corporation in the future, having me as the leader of it.
I’m not saying we’re going straight to it, cause we are first gathering some knowledge bout the game mechanics, so we can be prepared for the future when we start recruiting strange people.
I’ve been faction leader in some other games, so the leading part will not be that hard for me. The thing I’m afraid of, it’s from the administrative part of it, since the game haves some complex in it.

Be careful, Eve can become a second job and becoming a CEO really magnifies that lol

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I have another question tho, do I need any skill to improve the administrative tasks that I have to make in the Corp?

If you want to do something with your corp in nullsec or have a bigger corp, yes.

You will not know how hard it is to lead, until you understand EVE and get more experience. Its very difficult and requires a lot of knowledge experience and wealth. Its better if you start below someone else and learn, instead of making a lot of mistakes.

Damn, some of you are being mean to this guy. Who cares if he wants to make a corp with no experience. And he’s not being disingenuous, he said he’s not a native English speaker. People will join then quit if they don’t like his corp or he’s not doing a good job. I’m a pretty new player too, but I have played on other characters a long time ago. I’ve never ran a corp. But I would suggest this. Have you and your friends find a small newbie friendly corp to join yourself. Focusing on what activity you want to do. There’s tons of small corps constantly recruiting people. And a lot of them are actually ran by some pretty smart people. Then all of you can learn how a corp functions and what you need to at least be a little successful. That way you all know the basics, so one person isn’t stuck doing all the work. The true power of any real CEO lies in their ability to properly delegate tasks. Then when you feel you’ve learned enough. Sprout off from your corp and form a new one. You might not even want to leave once you find a decent corp. That way you have a network of people to ask questions to, and you all have a basic understanding. That’s what I would try to do if I had any interest in running my own corp. You gotta crawl before you run.

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Since a lot of you guys are recommending joining an existing Corp, I guess I’ll do this with my friends, but how do I get to know if a Corp is “apropppiate” for us and how do we know if it is a good Corp?

Trial and error, like you learn most things in EvE.

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And Practically IRL too.

Thanks for all those replies, we’ll try learning some by ourselves using the forums and some more from Internet in general.
But if we struggle too much, we’ll try joining a Corp and learn in it.

Once again, thanks for all those replies

Well, no. It’s called a first impression and they are really important. If a new player gets into a crappy Corp that doesnt do anything or help him in any way, he may come to the conclusion that this is a crappy, boring game, when he could’ve joined a proper Corp and completely loved pvp.

My accusation that he was disingenuous has nothing to do with his level of English, and everything to do with the fact that he wrote down two sets of different intentions about his corp.

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