Lime Fennec LLC: Does anyone want to help an absolute lunatic start a corp? (Nomadic,PVE,Mining)

Hi there! Returning player here setting up a new corp.
In essence, a place for a certain level of “Make it up as you go” just for the hell of a good time.

I’m looking for people who like my idea and want to help launch this thing. Here’s my corp bio:

“We of Lime Fennec LLC believe that New Eden has become to stilted and is in need of some eccentricity.
We are nomads. We are flighty. We are immered in several kinds of activity, often, all at once.
Lime Fennec LLC is a corporation dedicated to doing whatever the hell we want in the most eccentric and energetic ways possible.
(Explo, PVE, Indy, Small Gang stuff, et al.)
Contact Kanashio Koroshi for details.”

Edit: Some clarification here. Am not starting open recruitment yet. Looking for input and assistant leadership, and potentially contacts.

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There is a recruitment session.

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I must have been halfway damn asleep when I typed this thing up initially. Thank you for your input.
Edit: Hell, I haven’t even put up an ingame recruitment banner. Really just looking for input and aid. Probably won’t be starting recruitment for a week or two yet.

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Wish you best of luck. Starting a corp now will be hard. Player Numbers dropping constantly due to interesting chances in the past, with corona being almost over in most of the world etc.

Even established corps have a hard time recruiting people. Best chances you have is aiming for Newbros I guess and building that up. To get an experienced player into a newly formed corp is a hard job.

Just make sure that people know what your goals for the corp are and don’t be just another corp which does everything.
Thats what most corps do wrong, inculding me btw.



Thank you!! :3
Recruiting from outside EvE is…uh, entertaining for this game. I imagine I will end up spending a lot of time teaching still.

You’ll get along no worries mate. :wink:

Closing corp. Final conclusions: No way in hell can someone who is not neurotypical start a corp in EvE. I’d recommend that anyone with Bipolar Personality Disorder find something else to do.

Closing topic at the polite request from OP