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(Brianna Stollz) #1

Hey I’m the CEO of a new corp called Aether Armada we are a. mining/manufacturing corp that gives a ship and we are recruiting members for mining and defence of said miners and im always looking for allies to sell to thanks for reading best of luck in New Eden

(Netan MalDoran) #2

Corp ads are only allowed in the Recruitment Center


Well here comes the grief deccs.

(Nisanthro) #4

Will you buy me a Mining Permit if I join?


(Balos Tritapo) #5

We don’t discuss behaviour of boils on the but of eve here…

(Nisanthro) #6

So does your CEO know how to keep their members alive? Do they know how to keep their members alive during their illegal operations? Do they know how to survive war decs and avoid suicide ganking? Serious questions here.


(Brianna Stollz) #7

Thanks for the tip sorry was new to the forums and didn’t see the recruitment channel

(Brianna Stollz) #8

Yes I have a basic understanding of the game and if there isn’t something i know I either ask my friend who dose know more than me about the game or I look it up

(Nisanthro) #9

Doesn’t sound very convincing. So no, thanks.


(system) #10

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