Returning Mining Player Looking for corp

Greetings o/

I’ve had an on and off again relationship with EVE for years now, but I’d like to start back with it again. I’ve only ever lived in null sec for an extended period of time but I’m open to all areas. I have 16m sp with the majority being in mining skills. I still have much to learn about the industry side but i’d love to learn about that as well.

Please reply to this or contact me in game if you believe you may have a place for me in a corp.

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You should consider The Phoenix Uprising! They are an Industrial corp based in Immensea as part of Legacy Coalition and Federation Uprising’s industry wing. We’ve got great mining space and an awesome community. If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our public recruitment Discord:

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Hello Blue Paint,

I am myself thinking and planning to return to eve online (once again). I have been on a break for some time now because of a computer issue (still being looked at and trying to fix it)
I don’t know if i will start fresh again or once again resume and be the ceo of East Indian Trading Company (EITC) (that am very found of).

I recently started as well a gaming Community on discord last year that are ment for meture adults were our fokus lies on teamplaying stratergy games or mmo:s that require the two mentioned things.
I plan to suggest to those few members i have to join in on the fun eve online.

So what does this have to do with you?
I am trying to recruit new members towards my gaming community as well as the corporation i will be ceo of. Those things you have listed in this post are things i plan to run and do with the corporation. Plus more things as the corporation grows.

I know that i have written more about what i aim to do, or a part of it atleast. But writing it from my perspective might might give you some insight of what i am trying to do.
I would like to duscussion with you through my discord server so you could get more information about my idés for my gaming community as well for my return to eve online.
That way we can both can come to an understanding of what the other party wants and needs.

If you want to contact me and do as i suggested then send me an in-game mail (since i do not look here on the forums) and i will provide you with the discord server invite.

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Greetings Miner.

Join my team in care bear space. We make the isk… .we build the stuff…then we go get the stuff blown up. Message me if interested.
Running the Orca and Hulks nightly!
Lemme know! -Jon

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Hey there.
If mining and industry is your strong point then check out FS-I corporation. We always welcome new and/or experienced pilots.

Safe travels, capsuleer o7

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